Tsugumomo (Episode 9) – Letter

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Tsugumomo Title

A new amasogi has appeared and it’s taken on the form of a dead student. Kazuya is asked to investigate, but there’s also someone else interested in this case. What could they possibly be looking for?

Tsugumomo (Episode 9) – Letter

What happened?

Kazuya has been training with Kukuri, but he’s too slow in his transitions between weave forms. He’s improving, but it’s not good enough for Kiriha and she shows him just how disappointed she is. The next morning, Kazuya, Chisato, and Osamu are summoned to the Student President’s office. They witness Tadataka’s bald head and find out that it’s due to his Malison atonement. That’s not why he called them in, however. A strange appearance has been happening and he’d like them to investigate. A former student has been appearing and asking questions of the students, only she died two years ago!

For an amasogi to take form there needs to be someone that willed it into existence, but that’s going to be hard to track down. Luckily, Tadataka has someone on the case and it turns out that the sister of the deceased girl goes to their school. Not only that, she’s the girl from the newspaper who they just met. Kazuya hurries to find her as the ghost of Eko attacks one of the girls they believe to be responsible for her committing suicide. However, when she produces the suicide note, it tells a very different story.

Eko had struggled to stand up for herself and then a strange growth appeared on her chest. It grew and it grew until it was a face. Then, it would randomly take over and say what she truly felt. Eko was able to ask the boy she liked out and he said yes, but the growth didn’t go. It told her that her younger sister would one day take everything from her. Determined to stop the growth, Eko jumped off the roof of the school. When Nanako found this out, she was distraught and believed it should have been her. That was just the energy that the growth needed to gain full power.

Kazuya stayed to protect Nanako despite Kiriha warning him that he would likely die from facing an opponent so strong. He rushed in and almost met his end, but Kiriha guided him through the fight and he managed to win, killing the amasogi. Kiriha took a moment to explain to Nanako that her sister didn’t lose. Eko sacrificed herself to save her little sister and that she should continue to live for her.

Tsugumomo Episode 9 Ghost of Eko Looking for the Letter

What did you think?

So, how do you follow up the outrageous bath scene from the last episode? Whatever you answer, it would not have been this. That said, I absolutely loved this episode and I think it may be the best one yet. There was zero ecchi, but it was creepy as hell and I couldn’t look away for even a second. As much as I enjoy ecchi, I could easily watch an entire series with this sort of tone and atmosphere. It was brilliantly put together and I liked how we pulled on everything we’ve learned so far in the series. I’m assuming the next episode will be a return to normal service, but this was an excellent detour. Sad and chilling!

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Episode highlights

The Letter!

The Assignment!


True Intentions!

As Expected!

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