Tsugumomo (Episode 12) – Partner

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Kazuya and Sunao continue their duel and it’s anyone’s guess who will win. Maybe, Kazuya and Kiriha have one last trick up their sleeves… Either way, it’s sweaty work and someone’s going to need a bath!

Tsugumomo (Episode 12) – Partner

What happened?

Kazuya begins by deflecting Sunao’s attacks and then when it appears that he’s already won, he charges in and takes the fight to Sunao. He could have waited until Kiriha had completely recovered as Sunao knew that she couldn’t attack from range and couldn’t get close enough to attack, but Kazyua was determined to show what it meant to treat your tsugumomo as a partner and not a tool. He joined with Kiriha in a Divine Possession and defeated Sunao.

Once Sunao had left, Kazuya passed out from the strain the Divine Possession put on his body. Unable to move, Kiriha and Kukuri took him home. Once there, Kukuri feed him, but Kiriha had a better idea of how she could help Kazuya. Together they took Kazuya to the bathroom and stripped him down. Kukuri was a little nervous so Kiriha blindfolded Kazuya who still couldn’t move. Washing had some unintended side-effects, but Kukuri pushed through…

After the bath, they went to bed and Kukuri passed out almost instantly. Kiriha had plans to reward Kazuya and he was helpless to stop her! In the morning, Kukuri woke to find Kazuya and Kiriha in bed together, completely naked. Meanwhile, Sunao was reprimanded for her actions in attacking Kazuya and then losing in a duel. The only way she could inherit her birthright now was to marry Kazuya…

Kazuya returned to school to find a new classmate had joined. Spoiler – it’s Kiriha!

Tsugumomo Episode 12 Sunao versus Kazuya

What did you think?

So, this episode was hilarious and had some excellent action. The conclusion to the fight between Kazuya and Sunao was great and while it always seemed like it would end this way, I was happy with the way they did it, even if they pulled a shounen style deus ex machina with the Divine Possession. Having won the fight and left unable to move, it was pretty funny seeing what Kiriha and Kukuri did to Kazuya. It’s probably only funny because Kazuya is a boy, but that’s another story. All in, it was a great ending to a very enjoyable series. Bring on season two!

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Episode highlights

The Fight!

Cleaning up!

Bed time!

The New Classmate!

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