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Anak and Endorsi continued their fight in which neither enjoyed the outcome. It was training as usual for the others and Bam was starting to get a hang of this Shinsu, much to the annoyance of others.

What happened?

As Endorsi and Anak exchanged blows, Endorsi asked her if her mother regretted what she’d done in breaking the rules about Princesses of Jahad bearing children. That, obviously, enraged Anak who appeared to have landed the finishing blow. However, Endorsi wasn’t ready to give up and ended up taking Anak down with her. They were both injured in the fall, something that could very well end both of their attempts to scale the tower. Bam, meanwhile, has been working on his Shinsu control and seems to be making good progress. Ho doesn’t seem too impressed at Bam’s progress or his developing friendship with Laure. Anyhow, it’s time for the next test and this time it’s a game of tag…

Tower of God Episode 7 Endorsi Jahad taking Anak Jahad down with her

What did you think?

This episode was not quite as good as the previous ones in my mind. I think it lacked any of the real mystery of the others, and it probably didn’t help that we got a bit of exposition and back story on some of the characters. The information on the Princesses was a little force, but then, in contrast, Ho’s background was handled so much better. All we saw was a brief glimpse of his kind being slaughtered and their horns removed, presumably to sell. It’s oddly always entertaining to see Rak lording it over the others so that was funny, but I can’t help but wonder how we’ve gone from strange and mysterious fantasy settings and battle royales to what appears to be a school setting.

Tower of God Episode 7 Rak the Victorious

What have you learnt?

I definitely preferred the first few episodes and really, really just want a decent fantasy series about someone navigating a mysterious tower with dark and supernatural forces within. I am still enjoying this series, so don’t get too worried, although I’ll be happier when things move on from the current glut of lunch meetings and school lessons. Another thing I’m going to take away from this episode is how to deal with exposition. Why tell us that Princesses can’t have sex or bear children? Wouldn’t it have been better to create a situation to show us that, especially as Anak and Endorsi were basically talking about it during their fight anyway?

Tower of God Episode 7 Shibisu and the Test Examiner

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