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Rachel sits back and breathes a sigh of relief. It’s finally over, but, as Headon proclaims, it’s just getting started. What led Rachel to do such a thing and how has the tower influenced her?

What happened?

Having pushed Bam from the Shinsu bubble and watched him sink into the depths below, Rachel seemed to be relieved. How could that be? Wasn’t Bam her closest friend? Well, it turns out that the tower had not intended for her to enter at all. In fact, Headon was quite clear that she was not meant to be there. He hid her inside a Shinsu bubble and told her to watch as the real star showed how it was done. Of course, that was Bam. Rachel was overcome with rage and jealousy, but Headon had an answer for her. If she could kill Bam, she would be permitted to climb the tower.

But Bam had a powerful weapon! Headon gave Rachel a bodyguard who would not only protect her but would take the hit if she was killed for one time only. It would appear that the director was keen to keep the Princesses away from Bam and was happy to indulge in Rachel’s plan. Believing that Bam was dead, his friends agreed that they would help Rachel to the top of the tower. Khun, however, seems to have some questions about everything.

Tower of God Episode 13 Rachel and Headon

What did you think?

I loved this episode and thought the idea to show things from Rachel’s perspective with her internal monologue was fascinating. The idea that the tower initially brought her in by mistake was brutal and would no doubt have played on her mind considering how much she wanted it. Seeing that Bam was the intended target must have made it worse and then seeing him get everything she’s ever wanted would have been hard. That said, all of this was on her. I’ve already accepted that she is not a good person and this did a great job of showing her inner hate of Bam. I can’t wait to see where this goes, providing it gets a second season which I can’t see not happening.

Tower of God Episode 13 Rachel

What have you learnt?

Motivation, motivation, motivation. I feel like a broken record, but it’s worth talking about again. Every character must have a goal or something that drives them forward. Often times, we don’t get to fully realise what everyone’s goals are, but seeing Rachel’s laid out like that was incredibly powerful and gave an explanation to the way she acted. I’m not saying it justifies her, because it doesn’t. She’s crazy. It does, however, show that someone’s goals can change who they are and what they’re willing to do to get it.

Tower of God Episode 13 On to the Next Test

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