Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 18) – The Lost Village

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Tsugu Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya’s sensei approached the troubleshooters club with some startling information. She remembered that someone gave her the pillow. Kiriha is furious to discover that someone is creating Amasogis, but why?

Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 18) – The Lost Village

What happened?

Three tsukumogami manifested at the same instance and sought to serve their master well. Akito was a scissor tsugumomo and worked as protection, Arumi was a crystal ball tsugumomo and offered insight into the future, and Hifumi was a dice tsugumomo who could alter fate. Their master treated them well, but then it became apparent that he was abusing Hifumi’s power and turning people into cursed monsters. The villagers rose up against him and destroyed Hifumi too.

Akito and Arumi fled, and after several disappointing masters, they swore never to have a master again. This is a fatal decision for a tsugumomo, but just as they were near the end a door appeared and took them to a strange place where only tsugumomos live.

The secret to their ability to live on without a human was a shard that they had taken from a slain god. However, the power was failing and they needed more. This meant that they would have to kill another god. Arumi had a vision of a black blob in the forest which turned out to be another tsugumomo – a black obi. She offered to help them find a suitable god that was weak and pointed them towards Kukuri.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Episode 6 Azami watching Kazuya

What did you think?

There was a lot of exposition in this episode which was a little disappointing, however, it covered a lot of information so I’m going to let it slide. Akito and Arumi’s past was tragic and had led them to the point where they were actively trying to kill another god to live on. There’s obviously much more to this as we saw Azami, the black obi, in Kazuya’s dream when Kiriha killed his mother. There wasn’t a lot of ecchi moments, but the story definitely moved forward. Things are going to get interesting from here on, I think.

Also, keep watching beyond the credits as there is a hot spring scene with Arumi and Mimane which is worth hanging around for. You’re welcome.

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Episode highlights

The Promise!


Hot Springs!

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