Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls (Episode 11) – This is Nationals Level

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Ryoyukan have a slight lead and Yoshino’s confidence is in tatters. Yomi and Tamaki, however, are still up for the fight and are looking to do everything they can to outsmart Ryoyukan’s ace hitters.

What happened?

So, we’re still in the match against Ryoyukan and it’s not going quite how they’d planned, which is probably true for both teams. With the bases loaded, Tamaki asks Yomi to through her power fastball which flies straight into her mitt, giving them their third out. In the next innings, they manage to get some runners onto the bases, but a stunning piece of fielding sees them come away empty-handed again. With the seventh innings approaching rapidly, they need to get some points to keep the game going. Tamaki decides that it’s time to show what they can do and opts not to walk Nakata Nao. Will they regret that decision or could it be the small victory they need to push on and win?

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 11 Yomi Pitching

What did you think?

This was exactly what I signed up for when I decided to watch this series. Admittedly, the animation is still hit and miss with some moments looking excellent and others laughable. Regardless, we have a match on our hands and it’s starting to get really interesting. I don’t know too much about baseball, but I’d question the decision to use a fastball on an ace hitter, even a super-fast one. Surely, the pitch with movement is going to be harder and if the hitter makes contact with a super-fast ball, it’s going to fly and that’s exactly what it did. It was not the result these girls wanted and I’m looking forward to the next episode to see how it ends.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 11 Nakata Nao Batting

What have you learnt?

This series is so much better when we have a game to watch. It justifies my belief that they should have started the match in episode one and peppered flashbacks throughout the game to flesh out things as and when needed. I think baseball is the perfect sport for that too as it has lots of stoppages and you can really take advantage of that. It’s also looking like this season is going to end in disappointment, that or they’re going to try and go for a season two, which I really can’t see happening. It’s going to be interesting seeing which way it goes.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 11 Yomi Disappointed

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  1. The number five ace batter and pitcher for Ryoyukan who hits the home run is Nagata Nao not Shugetsu You. You is Ryoyukan’s second best hitter and is their opening batter.

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks for the catch. I must have gotten all caught up in the action… Now, to run off and fix a few things…

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