Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls (Episode 5) – Losing Streak

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After their first game, it’s time for some focused training, so what better than a four-day training camp with a couple more practice games. They’ve got some things to work on and Yoshino has some ideas to implement.

What happened?

During their four-day training camp, club advisor, Kyouka Fujii shows her true colours and basically, she’s a demon with a baseball bat and is going to drill these girls until they can’t take any more! Luckily, the group has Yoshino around who has identified a number of weaknesses and put some plans into action. The first issue is in regards to the pitcher! She’s worried that Yomi will burn out so tests the other players to see who has the aptitude to be a pitcher. Another issue she’s hoping to resolve is with regards to Nozomi and shaking up the batting order may be the way to do it.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 5 Rei Okada and Yoshino Kawaguchi

What did you think?

I had to laugh at Kyouka Fujii and her glasses. As soon as the sun hit them and you couldn’t see her eyes anymore, it was obvious that she is not to be messed with. Seeing her talking about special training during the practice match every time someone messed up was hilarious. So, this series is not going to win any awards for anything, but it’s fun. It’s relaxing and fun. The girls are cute, especially the way they all appear to be pushing each other forward and Yoshino is proving to be quite the brains behind the operation and baseball is the perfect sport for that sort of analytical approach. Should be interesting to see how the team performs going forward.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 5 The Advisor Kyouka Fujii

What have you learnt?

My writing style tends much more toward action, twists, and dark humour, so it’s going to be interesting to see what I can get from this series. At the moment, I’m just enjoying it for what it is – light entertainment. I hope to learn something from everything I watch or read, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. I’m sure on some sort of subconscious level, I will be picking things up and adapting my ideas so I’m not worried. It is always a good idea to watch and read genres that you don’t intend to write in. You never know what you might find and how it might influence you.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 5 Nozomi Takamura Batting Practice

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