Seven Swords! (Sunday Sevens)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Seven Swords

If your village was under attack by a group of bandits, it’s widely understood that you would need to hire seven swords for protection! Why seven? I don’t know, I don’t make up the rules…

Seven Swords!

That’s right, I’m now done talking about the Winter 2020 anime schedule and have turned my attention to a much larger issue. It’s pretty well documented that I am a little partial to a strong woman with a sword… That said, this is going to be about my seven favourite swordsmen. It doesn’t really matter what gender they are when your village is under attack! If they’re handy with a sword, they get hired. What can I say, I’m an equal opportunity employer! Anyhow, those bandits will be back soon, so let’s get on with the list which is in no particular order.

7. Saya Kisaragi (Blood-C)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Seven Swords Saya Kisaragi Blood-C

Saya Kisaragi might look like your average schoolgirl and most of the time, you might be correct. She’s clumsy and forgetful, but once she has her sword in her hands, she transforms into a ruthless killer. It’s been a while since I saw Blood-C and it’s something I would like to revisit as the fight scenes are just incredible. The cinematic values alone make this series a must-watch, nevermind the sheer craziness of the story. Just wait for the twist! That’s all I’m saying.

6. Clare (Claymore)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Seven Swords Clare Claymore

I almost picked Theresa over Clare as she was probably the better swordmen, but Clare has a special presence and once set on a target, there is no way she’s going to give up. She really sets herself apart when she unleashes the demon within but is still able to remain in control. This is yet another series that I need to revisit and not just the anime. The manga goes way beyond the anime and it just gets better and better.

5. Artoria Pendragon (Fate/Stay Night)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Seven Swords Artoria Pendragon Fate Stay Night

Well, there’s no way I can leave the once king of England out of the party! In this form, Artoria is a legendary spirit in the Saber-class who has fought in several Holy Grail Wars. Her sword, Excalibur is truly the stuff of legends and can create devastating attacks. She’s also quiet and considered, her thoughts often focused on whether she succeeded as a King! Oh look, yet another series that requires a rewatch…

4. Akame (Akame ga Kill)

Akame ga Kill Episode 18 Akame defeats Rakshasa Demon Ibara

Akame is a trained killer and merciless assassin. Basically, she knows how to kill the bad guys. Her cursed sword, Murasame can kill with only the slightest cut. One-touch from its razor-sharp edge and you are done for. She’s also a considerate colleague and knows how to cook, but you better like meat! Luckily, I don’t need to rewatch this one, but I do need to finish off my series of posts on the series. I’ll be back to that soon!

3. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Seven Swords Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan

Levi started out as a low-level criminal but was recruited to the Survey Corps by Erwin Smith. His natural skills and abilities have seen him climb the ranks within the Survey Corps. He is also one of the most feared warriors, especially when using his vertical manoeuvring equipment. He’s also a clean freak, who cannot stand a dirty workspace. His obsession with cleaning may make him seem more normal, but it just gives him another way to torment the new recruits. I need to rewatch this one too!

2. Saeko Busijima (Highschool of the Dead)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Seven Swords Saeko Busijima Highschool of the Dead

Saeko survived the zombie outbreak with only a wooden training sword to defend herself. Even with a relatively primitive weapon, she made quick work of the walking dead, protecting her friends and helping them to find safety. She also has a dark side, often seen grinning as she fights, even more so now that she has a real katana. I generally rewatch Highschool of the Dead every year… and I haven’t done so yet…

1. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Seven Swords Roronoa Zoro One Piece

Also known as Pirate Hunter Zoro, he surprisingly joined Luffy as the first member of the Straw-Hat Pirates. He is incredibly loyal, but also has a sense of honour, which he will not betray. Unlike many of the other strong warriors in One Piece, Zoro doesn’t have any devil-fruit powers. His strength has been forged through sheer determination and his commitment to become the world’s greatest swordsman and to make him even more formidable, he fights with three swords at once. His attacks continue to grow stronger and stronger. Who knows where his limit is or if he even has one? I’m at episode 574 of One Piece and should really get back to that at some point!

There are obviously many more swordsmen in anime and I look forward to continuing to interview them and assess their abilities. Will this list change? Possibly, and I look forward to refining it down to the perfect group of swordsmen, but that said, this bunch wouldn’t be an easy opponent for anyone to face. So, bring it on bandits, I can’t wait to see them in action!

These are just my opinions and I haven’t watched all the anime (but I am trying). So, would you agree or disagree with my selections? Who would you call upon to save your village from bandits? Thanks, again for reading.

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  1. Whenever I am reminded of Claymore, I think of that annoying kid and the countless times he said “Clare!” throughout the anime. I can still hear it now. Absolutely loved the anime, but man that kid was annoying…

    • Raki is possibly the most annoying character in all of anime. Even in the manga, he’s annoying. Love that series though.

  2. You had my attention at “Saya Kisaragi.”

    But then you really threw a curve ball. Saeko Busijima wasn’t #1?

    I don’t know what’s real anymore!

    • I did say in no particular order… Zoro may well use three swords at once, but he’ll never compare to Saeko.

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