Necromance (Volume 2) – A Romance to Un-die for

Necromance Volume 2 Cover

Now that Shibuki has a bracelet that deflects holy magic, he can finally move things forward with Surfinia. She’s determined to do her part and is planning a nice shoulder rub. That should bring them closer…

Necromance (Volume 2) – A Romance to Un-die for

What happened?

Surfinia was busy explaining what she had planned for Shibuki once they got out of the demon hot pools. He had the bracelet which meant that she could touch him without setting him on fire. No doubt, he had some things in mind and was getting quite nervous. Surfinia told Lycoris and Vanilla that she planned on giving him something that only she could give him – a nice shoulder rub… Lycoris and Vanilla both instantly shot that idea down, but that didn’t help Surfinia.

Shibuki tried to move their relationship on, but Surfinia was still in denial as to how that might go. In fact, she spent most of the time berating him for having lewd thoughts. Then, when she decided that she would give him a kiss on the cheek (oh, how risky) the bracelet broke and that was the end of that. No more touching unless Shibuki wanted to burst into flames.

They headed to Mont Saint Tree, a city situated beneath the Great Tree of Life known for its medicinal magic. Maybe there was something that could remove Shibuki’s curse. Unfortunately, their visit was interrupted by Shion, one of the Demon Lord’s inner circle who stole the essence of the Great Tree of Life and attempted to kill Surfinia. They were able to fight back thanks to Lycoris and Vanilla, but Shion was rescued by Lupinas. After the fight, they realised they needed a new sword for Shibuki as he can’t use the holy sword. Rumours of a mystic blade have caught Shibuki’s attention.

Necromance Volume 2 Vanilla Lycoris and Surfinia at the demon hot pools nude

What did you think?

If it wasn’t for Lycoris and Vanilla, I don’t know if I would be able to continue this series. Shibuki is a fairly standard protagonist who offers little in the way of personality and Surfinia is downright annoying. I can’t stand the characters that want something but thwart themselves at every opportunity because of how “lewd” the thought might be. At least Vanilla goes after what she wants. And right now, that is starting to look a little bit like Lycoris.

That said, there was a funny moment between Shibuki and Surfinia where they had been exposed to perfume that made them tell the truth about what they wanted. Shibuki’s comments were hilarious and that made Surfinia’s reaction to them even funnier. Her comments were particularly tame, but they got her all hot and bothered. Again, I didn’t like Surfinia in the volume which is annoying because she seemed to be making progress towards the end of the last one.

There is yet another hint at the church being less than perfect as the first holy saint may have been a demon and fought back against God. Honestly, that and the Lycoris and Vanilla dynamic is the only thing keeping me reading.

Necromance Volume 2 Lycoris and Vanilla

Volume highlights

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