Necromance (Volume 1) – Love, Adventure and… a Zombie Hero?

Necromance Volume 1 Cover

Shibuki defeated the demon lord and saved the land, however, he died doing so and couldn’t, therefore, confess his feelings to his love, Surf. Actually, he came back, but he’s undead thanks to a curse and she’s a saint!

Necromance (Volume 1) – Love, Adventure and… a Zombie Hero?

What happened?

Shibuki had loved Surfinia his entire life, so when she was burdened with the power of god to defeat the demon lord, he stepped up and took it upon himself. His goal was to defeat the demon lord and then confess his love to Surfinia. It was a great plan, however, he died in the final battle. Amazingly, he was revived and all appeared to be good once more. He confessed his love and Surfinia agreed to an engagement. However, when he touched her, his hands burned. She tried to heal him and that just made it worse.

Shibuki was an undead, cursed by the demon lord. His only hope of breaking the curse is to defeat the demon lord who had not died in their last battle, it would seem. Shibuki set off with Surfinia and Lycoris on a quest to locate the weakened demon lord and defeat him once and for all. Their first stop brought them face-to-face with a succubus who was keen to consume Shibuki’s energy, but she couldn’t because he was undead. Shibuki defeated her, but she switched sides offering to help if she could have Shibuki’s baby!

Vanilla, the succubus took them to a demon shop where they might find equipment that Shibuki could use. There, they ran into another undead who was picking up a bracelet that nullified holy magic. If Shibuki could get one of those, he and Surfinia could… you know! Anyhow, the undead revealed holy machines were attacking his people and if they helped him defeat them, he could have the bracelet. Well, what are we waiting for?

Necromance Volume 1 The Heros Party

What did you think?

This was a fun read with an interesting premise and some funny jokes. I don’t think it did enough to make me love it, but I will continue to read the series. It seems like it’s setting us up to learn that not all demons are evil and most actually didn’t like the demon lord anyhow. It’s been done before and will no doubt be done a hundred times more, so the trick is how it’s done and whether it works. In this instance, I’d say it did work, but it’s going to be pretty boring if all they’re doing is making friends with demons.

The main source of conflict looks like it’ll actually come from the church. Those holy machines were interesting and it was odd that Surfinia had no idea what they were. I did laugh at her God Punch attack. No doubt a nod to Aqua’s God Blow attack… Anyhow, it was a nice way to end the volume. I do think it’s fun that Surfinia wants to get physical with Shibuki but they can’t even touch one another without Shibuki bursting into flames.

They also made it fairly clear that Lycoris also likes Shibuki and now we have Vanilla too who’s determined to have his babies. This could turn out to be quite entertaining, but there are a lot of similarities to other shows. If you can get past those, you’ll be fine. It should at least be pretty funny watching Shibuki getting cock-blocked all the time!

Necromance Volume 1 The Succubus Vanilla crying

Volume highlights

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