The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 6) – The Tulip Lion

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With his share of the reward money they received for saving Maria, Noir is thinking of opening a shop that sells rare monster items. Now, he’s just got to go to the dungeon and find some. Should be easy!

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Episode 6) – The Tulip Lion

What happened?

Noir slipped away as the girls argued about who best to help Noir with his new business venture. When he got home, his father couldn’t believe how much money Noir had been given and offered to take care of it for him… at the casino! Luckily, Noir is not about to trust his father with his money and neither is his sister, and probably not his mother either. Basically, his father is hopeless.

Anyhow, Noir gives him the task of finding a suitable location and filing the paperwork with the government. While that’s going on, Noir heads to the dungeon to see if he can find some rare items to sell in his shop.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 6 Luna Lola Noir and Emma are rewarded

Olivia plays dead when he arrives and only gives herself away when he tickles her belly. She’s a character all right. Regardless of her pranks, she gives Noir some advice on some skills that would make his time in the dungeon a little easier.

He makes it down to the fifth floor and comes face to face with a black lion with a tulip growing out of his head. Noir is about to run when the lion speaks to him and asks for his help. It turns out the lion was exploring the dungeon with his elf friend who went down to the sixth floor, promising he would be back. That was three hundred and fifty years ago and Tigerson (that’s the lion) has been waiting all that time.

Noir goes down and runs into a horde of zombies. He escapes but comes across another zombie. This one has unusual skills. Noir uses his own skills to erase the zombie skill and return the elf to his old self. It’s Tigerson’s friend and he feels shame that he’s made him wait all this time. Even so, he is going to return to his home village where Tigerson can’t come, so he waited all that time to be abandoned. Noir suggests that Tigerson comes and lives with him. So, he does!

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 6 Tigerson goes home with Noir

What did you think?

After the last episode, which was amazing, this was quite the downturn in events. There was almost no ecchi whatsoever unless you count Noir’s sister rubbing Tigerson’s tulip in a rather provocative manner. It also failed to land the emotional impact I think it was going for. I guess the problem with this sort of setup is that nothing will ever compare to the episode of Futurama where Fry’s dog waited for him in the past…

Also, Vashelle was a massive dick. His friend waited for him for three hundred and fifty years and he basically dumped him to run back to his lady who may or may not be waiting for him. Let’s be honest, she probably isn’t. Screw that guy. Noir is clearly a better choice as a friend anyhow.

Other than setting Noir up with the new shop, this episode didn’t really do much. He didn’t even find any rare monster items to sell in his shop. Hopefully, the next episode will get back to focusing on the girls as they no doubt all come together to run Noir’s shop with him. Maybe they could start a side-line selling bikini armour? I’ve heard those do well…

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 6 Lola Luna and Emma argue over Noir

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