Chainsaw Man (Episode 10) – Bruised & Battered

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Aki was one of only three humans from Division Four to survive the attack and he’s struggling to come to terms with it. Meanwhile, Power and Denji meet Kishibe, who will be their teacher… hunter… murderer!

Chainsaw Man (Episode 10) – Bruised & Battered

What happened?

Denji and Power were there when Aki woke up and filled him in on what happened. They were fighting over an apple when it happened and could tell that Aki wasn’t coping with the situation. Luckily, they had to go see Makima, so they left. Denji came back for his manga but stopped when he could hear Aki crying through the door. That made him question his own humanity. Why wasn’t he sad? Himeno had been the first person that wanted to be his friend and he felt nothing.

Makima took them to the cemetery which was full of former Devil Hunters and one active Devil Hunter. He was going to be their new teacher. Kishibe was from Division One and is regarded as the strongest Devil Hunter. He likes people calling him Sensei, booze, women, and killing devils. Then, he puts his arms around Denji and Power and snaps their necks. It’s nothing a little blood won’t fix.

Kishibe has decided that he will hunt them. If they get strong enough to survive and even defeat him, then they will be the strongest hunters around. Plus, it means he gets to enjoy hunting them. After the first day in which Denji died at least twenty times, they decided that they would need to get smarter if they wanted to defeat Kishibe. As such, they grabbed some glasses and went about preparing for the next time. Meanwhile, Aki was taken to a facility where the Public Safety Bureau keeps captured Devils. There, he was introduced to the Future Devil with the hopes of acquiring a new contract.

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 10 Kishibe broke Denji and Powers necks

What did you think?

There were a few things I noted from this episode. Firstly, Kishibe is crazy and he’s going to put Denji and Power through hell on a repeating basis. It’s going to be unforgiving, but if they come out the other side, they will be unstoppable. Secondly, I’m not sure I entirely trust these two that have come to help out with Division Four’s training. There was also more to Himeno’s letters that we were shown. I think she’ll have put something in there about Makima that she couldn’t say to Aki in person.

Finally, that scene where Denji wondered about why he wasn’t crying was great. I was not expecting to see him get that deep, or even be aware of something like that. I think that’s been one of the most interesting things about this series. Sure, there are crazy fights, but there’s a lot more to it. I can’t wait to see just how far we go into exploring Denji’s issues. Also, one last thing, I almost died laughing when Power and Denji put on glasses to make themselves cleverer. And one last thing – I’m already missing Himeno…

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 10 Power gets smarter

Episode Highlights

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