Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 3) – One for All and All for One: The Celestial Maiden Squad!?

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Momoko and the Celestial Maiden Squad search a mountain for a fragment of the 3000-year Peach, but Onihime is also looking for it and she wants to get even with Momoko too!

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 3) – One for All and All for One: The Celestial Maiden Squad!?

What happened?

The mountain they need to search is huge and they were unable to find it by flying so they’re going to have to walk the trails. A diviner connected with the royal family has arrived to aid them in their search. He’s quite keen that the Oni don’t get their hands on the peach fragments. They use Karin’s ability to help them traverse the mountain, although there are lots of traps and Karin isn’t very quick to point them out.

Meanwhile, Onihime has convinced Enki to take her to the human world again so that she can get her revenge on Momoko and claim the next peach fragment. They decide to let Momoko and the Celestial Maiden Squad do all the searching and kidnap Karin to ensure they bring the fragment to them when they find it. Karin doesn’t think they’ll come for her, but they do. Momoko goes after Onihime and Enki who now have the fragment and fuses with Kijigami so that she can stop them.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 3 Momoko with Abe no Seimei and Toutestu

What did you think?

A new player has entered the tournament! That’s right, this is no longer just a race between the heavens and the oni. The humans are now involved and seek to obtain the power of the 3000-year Peach for themselves. Evil humans! Anyhow, this was a funny episode. I enjoyed all the traps, especially when they captured Onihime and Enki. I also laughed when the girls called Seimei a pervert when they assumed he likes little boys…

It looked like the oni were going to get away with the latest peach fragment and they would have if not for Kijigami’s possession abilities. The wings and the giant arrow were pretty awesome. As always, there was lots of bouncing and jiggling, but at no point did I find it to be distracting from the story. If anything the balance between bouncing and story is pretty even. It helps that there isn’t much story to worry about, although the addition of humans could make things more complex… boing!

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 3 Enki and Onihime caught in a trap

Episode highlights

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