Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 11) – The Last Battle! Momoko vs Jakiou!!

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The Celestial Maiden Squad split up to take on the various Oni while Momoko goes for the peach. However, she’ll have to get past Lord Jakiou if she’s going to do that and he’s not going to go easy on her!

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 11) – The Last Battle! Momoko vs Jakiou!!

What happened?

Momoko and the Celestial Maiden Squad made quick work of the Oni at the gate and charged into the castle. Their first obstacle was Genki and his illusions, but with little time to waste, Maron and Suika stayed to fight him, allowing the others to continue. However, they didn’t get much further before encountering Youki and his fog. Abe no Seimei and Toutetsu were keen to get their revenge for the last battle. The others kept going.

Before they reached the door to the throne room, they were attacked by Enki. Ringo and Karin opted to take this fight on, leaving Momoko, Inugami, Sarugami, and Kijigami to push ahead. They found Tekki standing in their way, but Momoko was ready for him this time and made quick work of him. She entered the throne room and found Lord Jakiou waiting for her. He was eager to see what her possession fusion power could do but was less than impressed. However, Momoko refused to give up and awakened the peach power that lay dormant within her. She fused with Inugami, Sarugami, and Kijigami to assume her ultimate form.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 11 Storming the Demon Castle

What did you think?

There’s been one thing I’ve been waiting for ever since Momoko first fused with one of the animal gods and it finally happened. She fused with all three and it sent her powers through the roof. I liked that it only became an option once she stood up for everyone, showing her determination. It felt earned and that made it that much more enjoyable. I did have one problem with the fight with Jakiou. He was wielding this massive black demon sword, but he kept kicking Momoko.

Failing to finish her off cost him and for once it was a mistake made by the villain and not the hero. Either way, it’s a lazy way to prolong the fight. If you don’t want him to use the sword, don’t give him one or at least make him so confident that he puts it down to fight without it. I hate it when a character has a clear advantage and they just don’t use it for plot reasons. Anyhow, it was a good episode and a great fight. Now to see what Onihime is going to do. Did she have something to do with the reactor stopping or did Youki fail to kill Kaguya? The final episode should have some answers.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 11 Momoko facing Jakiou full fusion

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