Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 6) – A Star is Born! We’re the Celestial Maiden Squad!

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The Celestial Maiden Squad suddenly become idols and even have to put on a concert, leaving Momoko and her friends to hunt for the peach fragments alone. What is Sumeragi Tennyo planning and how do I get a ticket to the show?

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 6) – A Star is Born! We’re the Celestial Maiden Squad!

What happened?

Momoko finds herself in a town that is full of samurai. Then, the Celestial Maiden Squad come to inform them of their next mission. That drives the samurai wild. Momoko and the others fear the worst, but it turns out the samurai are massive fans of the Celestial Maiden Squad. Before they realise what is going on Sumeragi Tennyo has arranged for them to become idols and even puts on a concert. Momoko and the others are a little frustrated by what’s going on and it’s not because Momoko is jealous…

Momoko learns that there is a peach fragment in the forest near the live concert and goes to recover it with her friends. The Celestial Maiden Squad are getting a little frustrated with the idol life and wish they could get back to helping Momoko. That feels more important and when Sumeragi Tennyo comes to get them they all understand. This was Sumeragi Tennyo’s way of showing the maidens what was important, plus a little extra money always helps. The Celestial Maiden Squad hurry to help Momoko recover the fragment from Genki.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 6 The Celestial Maiden Squad return

What did you think?

I’m not a huge fan of the idol trope. I have no problem with an idol show because it’s likely that I won’t watch it because I know what it is. Zombie Land Saga is the only exception to this, but that’s because of the zombies. Anyhow, this was a fairly typical idol episode and it had some nice images but didn’t really do much as a part of the story. For most of the episode, Momoko and the others looked bored and spent a lot of time sitting around. This was how I felt.

I feel like this season is going through a mid-season slump. It wasn’t exactly amazing beforehand, but it was fun. It seems to have been less fun for the last two episodes. I just hope it doesn’t continue for too much longer as it’s definitely impacting my view of the show overall. Now, this might just be my experience. If you like idol episodes then this will probably be a great episode.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 6 Sarugami Inugami Kijigami and Momoko bored

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