Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 8) – Peach Plan The Underwear that Disappeared into the Steam!?

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Momoko comes across a hot spring and decides to take some time off. Surprisingly, they find Onihime and Enki there. Then, Sumeragi Tennyo and the Celestial Maiden Squad show up. Guess it’s a girls’ day at the hot spring!

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 8) – Peach Plan The Underwear that Disappeared into the Steam!?

What happened?

With everyone at the hot spring and no peach fragments around, Sumeragi Tennyo declared a truce so that they could all enjoy the hot spring together. It’s rumoured that the water will make you look younger and give you a bigger bust. The girls were delighted to jump in, each hoping for their own miraculous outcome. It also turned out that Abe no Seimei was there and he was keen to do some peeping! Of course, he announced it rather loudly and the girls were gone by the time he scaled the wall. However, as the girls got dressed they soon discovered that their panties had been stolen. All but Sumeragi Tennyo’s…

They discovered that there was a rogue demon terrorizing the region. The only way to appease him was to offer young girls panties. This did not please Sumeragi Tennyo one bit! They agreed to take care of the demon and got to enjoy the hot spring for free. In order to draw out the demon, they offered up their panties and Kushinada (she insisted). The demon arrived and sorted through the panties, ignoring Kushinada. He discarded Suermagi Tennyo’s panties after she slipped them in there too. Momoko and Onihime attacked, but the demon ate some panties and grew stronger. Finally, he accidentally ate Sumeragi Tennyo’s panties and it sapped all his strength.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 8 Onihime and Momoko attack panty demon

What did you think?

And we’re back! This was a return to form for Momo Kyun Sword. The fact that it was a hot spring episode wasn’t even its greatest selling point. That was reason enough alone to watch it, but the best part was the humour with Sumeragi Tennyo. I loved the moment she asked Kushinada how old she looked after Kushinada said her skin was looking younger. That was an intense stare from Sumerago Tennyo. Then, when her panties weren’t taken along with everyone else’s, she pretended they were and even slipped them into the offerings.

I knew the demon was going to throw them away further annoying Sumeragi Tennyo, but to have them undo all of his power was amazing. Of course, Sumeragi Tennyo couldn’t say anything. She just quietly seethed. It was hilarious. There was also the moment that they pointed out that Onihime and Enki’s clothes were basically underwear and hence they didn’t even have something to wear. The fusion transformation was great too, sans panties. This was just a very funny episode and exactly the sort of thing this series should have focused on.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 8 Enki and Semeragi Tennyo react to demon eating older panties

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