Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 5) – Suspicion!? The Trap in the Fog!

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Momoko has been struggling with a demon who uses fog to disorientate them and claim the peach fragment for himself. The repeated failures are getting to the group. So much so, that they split up and go their own ways!

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 5) – Suspicion!? The Trap in the Fog!

What happened?

Youki is relishing his successes and is pleased that Jaku is happy with him. Whatever gets the job done is welcome. Just don’t screw up. However, Onihime isn’t too happy about Youki’s underhanded techniques. She’s not exactly sure why it bothers her so much, but it could be that she has a newfound respect for Momoko that even she doesn’t realise. Youki heads off to the human world to collect another peach fragment and has yet another trick up his sleeve.

Momoko and the animal gods are not happy. They’ve been arguing continuously since Youki took the last two pieces. Then, when a mysterious fortune teller warns them that one member of the group will bring misfortune to all, they decide to split up. However, it isn’t long before they remember why they are together and what they’ve been through. Before Momoko can look for the others, she is attacked by Youki who seems to have some lewd ideas about what to do with her. That gives the others a chance to catch up and when the Celestial Maiden Squad take care of the fog, Momoko fuses with Sarugami and easily defeats Youki, much to Onihime’s amusement.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 5 Momoko boobs arguing with Inugami Surugami and Kijigami

What did you think?

Not only was this not a beach episode, but it really wasn’t that exciting either. Youki was a terrible character choice, lacking all the assets that this show is built on… Well, he had the assets, which might have been part of the problem. Anyhow, it’s a fairly standard episode where a division forms between the group of heroes, they have an argument and split up. Of course, they all come back together again, their bonds renewed and stronger than ever.

After the last episode, I was hoping for something amazing, but then I suppose it’s hard to follow a beach episode in an ecchi series, so best not to try too hard. It was nice to see that they continued to develop Momoko and Onihime’s friendship/rivalry when they didn’t even meet up in person. I thought that was quite clever. It was also nice to see a little more of Momoko’s origin and how she ended up with the animal gods. However, I still need to know why there was a baby in a giant peach.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 5 Momoko Sarugami Fusion

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