Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 7) – Lost!? Momoko’s Important Thing

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During a battle, Momoko lost her dagger and with it all her fight. Onihime is frustrated although she learns that if she had the dagger, Momoko wouldn’t be a threat. Youki overheard and set his minions to find it!

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 7) – Lost!? Momoko’s Important Thing

What happened?

Momoko’s dagger fell from her belt and landed in a forest beneath the cliff. As soon as she realised she walked away from the fight and began to search for it. Onihime was confused and then annoyed that Momoko would have such an obvious weakness. Unfortunately, Youki worked this out too and sent his oni to search the forest. It was a race to find it first. Of course, it wasn’t just a dagger. Momoko’s grandfather gave it to her and it had a charm that is the only clue to where she came from.

When Onihime learnt the truth, she took the dagger from Youki and gave it back to Momoko. She was delighted even though she had resolved to fight Youki to get it back. Well, she still went and fought him, sending him back to the demon realm defeated. Youki was not happy with Onihime’s betrayal and told the king. However, he was pleased that his daughter maintained her convictions. Meanwhile, Abe no Seimei brought another peach fragment to the secret human facility and marvelled at the power they could gain with a few more pieces.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 7 Momoko upset

What did you think?

I preferred this episode to the last couple although it still wasn’t that exciting. There were some nice character developments with Momoko and Onihime. We have a clue about Momoko’s origins and also we learnt that Onihime’s mother died. Could there be a connection? Probably! Also, we saw Abe no Seimei up to no good again. I had to laugh when the scientist they are giving the fragments to said they were the villains. I was literally just thinking what if the humans are the villains? I have to believe them in this instance.

Sumeragi Tennyo mentioned that the oni had not done anything with the peach fragments, but feared that they might. Well, what if they are collecting them to keep them away from the humans who they believe will try to unlock the powers? Then, there are the obvious hints at a connection between Onihime and Momoko and finally King Jakiou’s reaction to Onihime giving Momoko the dagger back. There could be an interesting twist in this one yet, although I’d also like it to rediscover the glory of episode four. That was peak Momo Kyun Sword!

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 7 Onihime when Momoko walks off

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