Lycoris Recoil (Episode 3) – More haste, less speed

Lycoris Recoil Title

Chisato has to complete a physical to retain her Lycoris license. When Takina learns that Chisato is going to headquarters she demands to come with her, but will she be able to regain her position or just stir up ill feelings?

Lycoris Recoil (Episode 3) – More haste, less speed

What happened?

After hours at the Lyco Reco cafe, things get intense, especially when it’s games night. All of Chisato’s friends and clients show up to battle it out with one another in a series of board games. Chisato asks Takina to stay and play, but it won’t do anything to advance her return to the program so she isn’t interested. She’s going home instead. However, she soon learns that Chisato needs to go to headquarters to complete a physical and begs to go with her.

Takina’s old partner, Fuki Harukawa is there to complete her physical too and soon gets into a discussion with Chisato about how Takina failed to follow orders and put a fellow Lycoris in danger. However, she then mentions that they had a problem with the radios, which raises some real concerns with Chisato. There’s no way to interfere with the system so it must have been hacked. The Commander shows up and tells Chisato that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Meanwhile, Takina met her replacement and was disappointed that she would not be coming back. After standing up for Takina, Chisato agreed to a mock battle with Fuki and Sakura, although Takina seems less than interested. Chisato tells her to come to the cafe and have fun. She still has time to come back if she wants to, but right now, Chisato needs to hurt the people that were mean to Takina. Let’s get it on.

Lycoris Recoil Episode 3 Chisato Nishikigi disarms Sakura Otome

What did you think?

It just keeps getting better. I feel sorry for Takina as she has clearly been made the scapegoat by the organisation to cover up the hacking incident. It’s going to be interesting when they find out it was Walnut that did it. I wonder what she got out of it and why the Alan Institute orchestrated it. I think there are going to be some serious revelations as the series goes on. Just having a bunch of school girls running around killing whoever they deem a threat to society seems like a system that could be easily manipulated.

I also loved the mock fight, although the idea that a teammate could just charge in at any time did make it slightly unfair. It looked like Chisato wasn’t going to have any issues finishing things off anyhow. The gunfights so far have been amazing so I hope that keeps up and maybe they could go on a little longer and be even more intense. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the dynamic between Chisato and Takina. It was so nice seeing Takina finally let her shields down and agree to come to games night. You could see how happy that made Mika too.

Lycoris Recoil Episode 3 Chisato Nishikigi lifts Takina Inoue up literally

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