Kiruru Kill Me (Volume 1) – Femme Fatale

Kiruru Kill Me Volume 1 Cover

Aoi Nemo has it all… well, except a girlfriend, although he’s working on it. The girl he loves is an assassin. He decides his only chance to be with her is to hire her to kill him! Let the romance begin…

Kiruru Kill Me (Volume 1) – Femme Fatale

What happened?

Aoi Nemo is the head of Aoi Holdings, a massive medical corporation that controls the advancements in medicine. He holds three doctorates, in medicine, bio-mechanical engineering, and immunology. He’s the head of the corporation as well as a major celebrity in his own right. He has everything he could ever wish for. Well, he has struggled to find love. It’s hard to make genuine connections with people when they know who you are. Then, Nemo had a chance encounter with a girl in a restaurant and knew it was love at first sight.

However, he lost her. He went back to the same restaurant time and again, but never saw her. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore and called in the professionals to find her, and find her they did. Her name is Kiruru Akaumi and she is a professional assassin. Now, Nemo just needed to find a way for them to be together. He couldn’t just stalk her. No, he needed to make her come to him. Maybe, if they spent some time together, she would start to feel the same way. But how would he do that?

Nemo realised that he could spend time with her if he hired her to kill him. Of course, being the head of a medical corporation had its perks. He had access to the latest technics and biomechanical technologies. He needed to ensure that she couldn’t kill him. Not before she fell madly in love with him, anyhow. As soon as Kiruru followed him into the bathroom on her first assignment, Nemo got giddy. This was the beginning of their love story!

Kiruru Kill Me Volume 1 Kiruru follows Aoi into the bathroom

What did you think?

This book was hilarious. I absolutely love the premise. Aoi Nemo loves Kiruru and his only way to be with her is to have her try to kill him over and over again. Normally, a professional killer would be out of work if they kept failing, but Nemo keeps rewarding her failure and keeping the hit on himself. Watching her trying to kill him is brilliant and watching him evade her attempts was even better. He is completely insane which you’d have to be to come up with this plan, but that just makes it funnier.

I liked that we got to see some of it from Kiruru’s perspective too as she freaks out about how she can’t kill him and how every time she thinks she’s done it, he’s back to perfect health straight away. It helps that Nemo has replacement organs grown from his own stem cells and a carbon fibre weave inserted beneath this skin. The technology is incredible and could no doubt be used for great things, but he’s using it to attempt to woo an assassin that he hired to kill him. It’s brilliantly frivolous.

I breezed through this volume and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. One of my favourite parts was when he saw another guy grab Kiruru’s bum before a legal dispute meeting. Nemo lost it and went all out on destroying this guy. It was brilliant, even if it was a little over the top. But then, this series is all about going over the top. Amazingly over the top!

Kiruru Kill Me Volume 1 Kiruru jumps on Aois back

Volume highlights

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