Kiruru Kill Me (Volume 2) – Deadly Darlings

Kiruru Kill Me Volume 2 Cover

After so many failed attempts to kill Aoi Nemo, Kiru is being audited. They believe she’s incompetent, but after seeing Aoi survive attempt after attempt, they’re satisfied that she’s doing everything she can. He just won’t die!

Kiruru Kill Me (Volume 2) – Deadly Darlings

What happened?

News of Kiru’s failed attempts to kill Aoi Nemo is starting to stink up the League’s reputation and as such, they send an evaluator to assess her performance. First, she tries to poison him, but he neutralises it. She planted a bomb on his car as a backup, but his alarm goes off, warning him that the weight has changed. Then, she shoots him, but the bullets can’t penetrate the graphite weave he has beneath his skin. She traps him in an elevator and gases him. He survives. She coats his face in a sticky substance, making it impossible to breathe, but he performs an emergency tracheotomy on himself with a tube. Satisfied that she is doing everything possible, the evaluator passes her audit and tells her to get back to work. He’s just curious why someone that is so hard to kill was assigned to a rookie!

Anyhow, back to work. Kiru is desperate to try something new and thinks she may have found it. It’s a killer sweater… You know the one. At least, you will when you see it (check the highlights below). However, she can’t work out how to wear it or how it might kill someone. Obviously, it’s not killer in that sense, but her sensei discovers what she’s bought and is on his way over to help her out.

Then, Aoi Nemo is caught in the crossfire of another assassin who has been granted permission to kill all witnesses. However, Aoi isn’t going to go down easily and even incapacitated the assassin before escaping. Unfortunately, he’s been identified and every assassin in the company is out to claim the reward. Now, Kiru will need to protect Aoi to make sure no one takes her target. It’s a complicated business.

Kiruru Kill Me Volume 2 Motor Makita kills everyone

What did you think?

Was this volume as funny as the first one? No. I think the impact of the story was starting to slow down and get into the realm of ridiculousness. It was funny, just not at the same level. There were some great moments such as the killer sweater and I loved the idea of Kiru protecting Aoi from other assassins while both try to remain ignorant of the other. That could have sustained another book on its own, however, they resolved that by Aoi pulling some strings in the business world.

I’m still enjoying the series and like the artwork, although Aoi’s personal assistant looks almost identical to Kiru so that makes things complicated from time to time. To make things even harder, they know one another and there’s a scene with them both and I had to keep double-checking which one was which. I’m certainly not going to give up on this series because I am enjoying it. Hopefully, the third book will be a return to form.

Kiruru Kill Me Volume 2 Aoi Nemo realised why Kiruru was protecting him

Volume highlights

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