KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 27) – Nefarious Friends for This Sheltered Princess!

KonoSuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World 3 Title

Kazuma hopes to show Princess Iris just how cool he is by leading the fight against the Demon King’s army, however, his level is too low to take part. Luckily, Claire vouches for him. Now, he just needs to stay alive…

KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 27) – Nefarious Friends for This Sheltered Princess!

What happened?

Unfortunately, Kazuma didn’t last long. After saving Aqua from a lowly kobold, he chased after another and soon found himself surrounded by a horde of them and was promptly beaten to death. When he appeared before Eris, there was a very long and very uncomfortable silence. Kazuma believed that she was disappointed that he had died again, however, she was more upset about how he manhandled her… I mean Chris… Regardless, she wants him to stop doing that. Also, she needs him to help Chris to recover all of the magical items that were given to people reincarnated into this world. He agreed and soon found himself staring up at Aqua. She seemed to be enjoying the fact that he was killed by lowly kobolds.

He soon learned that Darkness, Megumin, and Aqua had all played prominent roles in the battle while he had died. Back at the castle, Iris was pleased to see that he had returned and didn’t think his efforts had been useless. That was when Megumin noticed that Iris’ necklace was giving off some crazy powerful magic vibes. She handed it to them where Kazuma noticed something written in Japanese. He read the words and then found himself staring at… himself. Iris and Kazuma had swapped bodies. Since Iris had never been out of the castle without bodyguards, this seemed like the perfect chance for her to explore. Megumin offered to watch over her. Kazuma had a bad feeling about this!

Regardless, he got to parade around the castle in Iris’ body where he ran into Mitsurugi and threatened to have him executed for being too familiar with the Princess. He ran off. Kazuma decided that he should use Iris’ body to have some fun with Darkness and when he discovered that she was in the bath, a plan came to mind. Maybe, the Princess could wash Darkness’ back to thank her for her hard work. She could even wash Claire’s back too. Claire jumped at the chance and took Iris to the bathhouse. They were just about to get things started when Kazuma found himself in an alleyway, restrained by a large man. Megumin was busy hurling insults at them and then another charged, punching Kazuma in the face.

What did you think?

Well, I predicted that Kazuma would die and I was not disappointed. The scene between him and Eris was hilarious. Talk about a long and uncomfortable silence! I loved how Kazuma assumed it was for one thing, but it was really because he felt her up when she slipped into his room as Chris. Of course, he hasn’t put it together that Eris is also Chris, despite her telling him that she sometimes comes down to the world in secret. After he had apologised for getting too handsy with Chris, she asked him to help her find the magical items. He was in no place to refuse.

After learning of some of the items, it came as no surprise that the one Iris had was the body-swapping one. There was no way that Kazuma was going to let an opportunity like that pass too, especially as he could have a lot of fun with Darkness if she thought he was Princess Iris. I loved that they swapped back at the best and worst moment possible. Iris will have discovered what he was doing and he instantly got punched in the face for it. Of course, that meant that Megumin had not looked after his body in the slightest and instead encouraged Iris into going a little wild. I wonder if there will be any repercussions. I doubt it. Either way, this was just fantastic.

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English TitleKonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!
Japanese TitleKono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
ReleasedSeason 1: Winter 2016
Season 2: Winter 2017
Movie: Summer 2019
Season 3: Spring 2024
EpisodesSeason 1: 10 + OVA
Season 2: 10 + OVA
Movie: 1
Season 3: 11
Animation StudiosSeason 1: Studio Deen
Season 2: Studio Deen
Movie: J.C.Staff
Season 3: Drive

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