KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 18) – An Invitation for This Knucklehead!

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Kazuma gets a visit from Vanir to discuss the items that they were going to sell. He’s willing to buy the rights for an outrageous sum of money or do a profit share. It seems like it’s too good to be true!

What happened?

Megumin returns from hiding after writing on Kazuma’s stomach while he was dead and can’t quite get her head around what is going on. Kazuma and Aqua are acting super-weird and it’s disturbing. She is making him a cup of tea, but every time it gets to Kazuma, she has accidentally purified it. Finally, Darkness comes in and tells Megumin what happened and why they are acting that way.

It turns out Vanir came to visit with an offer to buy the designs off Kazuma for a massive lump sum, or he’ll produce them and they will share the profits on an ongoing basis. It’s too much for them to take and that has made both Kazuma and Aqua quite smug. In order to get them out of this, Megumin suggests that they go to hot springs city for a little relaxation.

KonoSuba Episode 18 Kazuma and Aqua preparing to be rich

It sounds like a great idea and Kazuma and Aqua are determined to enjoy themselves, especially now that they are going to be rich. Kazuma visits Wiz’s shop on the way and finds out that she keeps buying crap that they can’t sell and Vanir has had enough. He asks Kazuma to take her with him, which he does. One more hot girl in the hot springs isn’t exactly going to be a problem.

They buy seats on a wagon, although there isn’t enough and they play janken to decide who rides on the back. Aqua loses and then challenges Kazuma again and again, but he is surprisingly lucky and has never lost a game. That streak continues forcing Aqua to ride on the back.

On the way there, Kazuma spots a cloud in the distance and discovers that a pack of runner kite hawks are racing towards them. They usually run towards very hard objects in a bid to prove how strong they are. Kazuma realises that it much be Darkness and her rock hard body so he runs out with her to take on the runner kite hawks.

KonoSuba Episode 18 Vanir

What did you think?

This episode was hilarious and also really cringeworthy. Seeing Kazuma and Aqua acting all uppity was very funny, but also in a way that made you want them to stop. I love the interactions between Vanir and Aqua, which are even better than the way she reacts to Wiz.

However, the best moment was when Aqua ran out to draw the runner kite hawks away from the wagons, got tangled up in another adventurer’s rope attack and lay there waiting to get trampled. All the while, Kazuma is running after her, apologizing to the adventurers even though they have no idea why. Of course, it continues in the next episode, so there’s something to really look forward to.

KonoSuba Episode 18 Darkness tied up facing the Runner Kite Hawks

What have you learnt?

I love the way this series takes little details and brings them back again and again. For example, Kazuma’s only real trait is his higher than average luck stat. That must have come in to play with his ability to win janken over and over again. They also mention the runner lizards and how their queen and king had been killed, which happened in the last episode.

There’s a lot of self-referential moments and as someone that rarely forgets anything I see, it’s nice to see these as it makes me think that there are others who are paying as much attention as I am. If not, at least the author has my back.

KonoSuba Episode 18 Kazuma janken champion

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode eighteen of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Aqua had to ride on the back of the wagon. They were the first wagon on the train, so I can’t help but think that someone somewhere will have seen something. Of course, they are heading to a hot springs city so I feel like we may be about to get an answer. Just give us a clue!

KonoSuba Episode 18 Aqua riding at the back of the wagon

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