KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 14) – Peace for the Master of This Labyrinth!

KonoSuba Title

Desperate to make some money and pay off their debt, Kazuma and Aqua head into a dungeon to explore a previously undiscovered passageway. They’re hoping for treasure, but who knows what they will find!

What happened?

Kazama managed to convince the guild receptionist to give him early access to a dungeon exploration quest. Apparently, an undiscovered passageway has been found and the quest is to map out this new area. Of course, if there’s any treasure, then that would be a bonus on top of the quest reward.

Megumin isn’t happy about it as she can’t use Explosion in the dungeon so they leave her at the surface. Kazuma was going to go in alone, but Aqua followed along anyhow. After a while, they find the hidden passageway and continue into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Darkness is still with the lord and being forced to do unspeakable things so unspeakable that you can’t even see what they’re doing…

In the depths of the dungeon, after defeating a horde of undead, Kazuma and Aqua find a lich. He was the arch wizard that built the dungeon and wanted to be purified so that he could be returned to his true love whom he saved from a wicked king and got injured as they escaped. So that they could be free, he willingly became a lich.

KonoSuba Episode 14 Aqua Realisation

What did you think?

This really was Aqua’s moment to shine and she didn’t disappoint. It was almost surprising how serious she was a without her, they would have never made it through the dungeon… well, it would have been easier without her drawing all the undead towards them, but that’s beside the point. It was a fun episode and there were more than enough interesting moments between them all to keep things interesting. I like how things aren’t forgotten from previous episodes and help to further develop the characters.

It’s also great that they have this party culture at the guild. I like that Aqua and Kazuma have built up a reputation with the other adventurers, even if it’s for their party tricks. Poor Chris!

KonoSuba Episode 14 Aqua God Blow

What have you learnt?

I think the guild and the way the other adventurers behave bring a sort of realism to a fantasy show set in another world. It makes everything relatable and while it constantly holds Kazuma back, it really is the life he’s been looking for. Too often, I see shows where the background characters are wooden and merely a part of the background. In KonoSuba, they are part of the action and therefore become recognizable, further endearing us to the location.

KonoSuba Episode 14 Kazuma stole Chris' panties again

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode fourteen of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, there were several occasions that furthered the belief that Aqua doesn’t have any panties. This image clearly shows a rather surprised Kazuma sitting on the steps below Aqua. It certainly looks like he’s seen something he wasn’t expecting to see. Sure, it might have been the gremlin… but we won’t know for sure. The investigation continues…

KonoSuba Episode 14 Kazuma and Aqua in the dungeon

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