KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 15) – A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!

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Darkness returns and needs the party’s help with her current predicament. Her father intends for her to marry the son of the lord that wanted Kazuma executing, and she has no intention of going through with it!

What happened?

Despite his initial hesitation, Kazama realised that if Darkness were to marry that would be the end of her adventurer days and she would have to leave the party… This is exactly what he’s been waiting for. After sending Megumin to take care of some monsters, because she would likely realise what he was up to, Kazuma and Aqua go to Darkness’ family home and accompany her on the arranged marriage meeting as her servants.

The man she is to marry, Walther is a fine upstanding knight with perfect morals and decency, which makes him the complete opposite of someone that Darkness might be interested in. She goes on to describe the lewd and depraved person that might be her ideal partner… someone that sounds an awful lot like Kazuma…

Anyhow, after putting on a show for as long as she could, Darkness tells Walther that Kazuma, her loyal servant accompanies her everywhere, and she means everywhere. However, this just seems to interest Walther more, which is odd considering her was planning on turning her down. Finally, Darkness demands that they fight so that he can show her what kind of a man he is.

KonoSuba Episode 15 Darkness returns

After giving up, because he could no longer continue to hit Darkness, she demands that Kazuma shows Walther was a real man with a true sense of equality can do. Kazuma reluctantly agrees and hits Darkness with a jet of water. Magic in a sword fight. How uncouth! He follows that attack with an ice attack.

Darkness rushes him and grabs his hands. Of course, Kazuma starts to use his drain ability, but can he drain her stamina before she breaks his arms. Probably not! He plays his final card and that is to make it a bet where the winner will make the loser do whatever they want. Darkness is fine with that, she will make him kneel before her. Kazuma, however, has something far worse than she could ever imagine in mind.

The thought of it is too much and she passes out from overexcitement. Darkness’ father enters the room to find her unconscious, wet, and partially dressed, and instantly demands that Kazuma and Walther be executed. Luckily, they manage to explain everything and Walther turns down the marriage, but not before Darkness tells them that she is pregnant with Kazuma’s child. This delights her father who can’t believe he’s going to have a grandchild…

KonoSuba Episode 15 Aqua tells Darkness what Kazuma has been doing

What did you think?

If the last episode was Aqua’s chance to shine, this was Darkness’ moment of uninhibited glory. I laughed and laughed all the way through this episode and every time I thought that it couldn’t get any better, it did. The best thing about it was how it used a lot of previous things that had happened in the series and boosted them to new levels.

I love this series and this was possibly one of the funniest episodes yet, although it’s hard to pick a favourite as there are so many great ones.

KonoSuba Episode 15 Darkness can't hide it anymore

What have you learnt?

So, I guess we’re going to talk about foreshadowing again, although, I’m not entirely sure this should really be called foreshadowing. If anything it’s using the elements that you’ve already created to make something even better. I loved how it continued the idea that Kazuma is trash and has gained a number of unflattering names and how Darkness used that to her advantage. Of course, Kazuma then came good on the promise, although maybe not intentionally. When Darkness mentioned how Kazuma would drop kick a girl because of equality, I had to laugh. It’s one of his more ridiculous lines of dialogue so I’m glad it came back around.

Finally, it did a great job of continually flipping the expectations. We all expected Walther to be in on the marriage, but he wasn’t until Darkness had done her best to put him off. Then, we had her father determined to marry her off then calling for their execution. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he asked Kazuma to watch over Darkness. The real surprise was his and Walther’s reaction to Darkness’ claim that she was pregnant. Great comedy constantly switches your expectations setting up one thing and then hitting you with another.

KonoSuba Episode 15 Kazuma versus Darkness

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode fifteen of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, there was one scene that probably confirmed the theory that Aqua isn’t wearing panties. I am, of course, talking about the moment that Kazuma used steal on Aqua and got her goddess raiment. Normally, his steal would take a girl’s panties, but not on this occasion. Why is that, you wonder? Well, I think we all know the answer, however, happenstance is not proof. The investigation continues.

KonoSuba Episode 15 Megumin Kazuma and Aqua

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