The Quintessential Quintuplets (Episode 22) – Five Cranes in Return

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After losing his perfect score in the tests, Futaro finds himself being challenged by his apparent rival – Takeda, who claims that he should be the one tutoring the quintuplets. Good job Futaro doesn’t know who he is!

What happened?

Bizarrely Takeda first approached Futaro in the bathroom and was instantly dismissed as Futaro had no idea who he was and paid no attention to those in second place or lower. Regardless, Takeda made a challenge to Futaro that he wouldn’t be able to get into the top ten nationally at the upcoming exam and help the quintuplets pass. Futaro doubled down and told him he would make the top five.

While this is going on, the quintuplets are discussing what to get Futaro for his birthday. Ichika attempts to put off the idea so that she could be the only one to get him something, but then she spots Miku with a present. Eventually, it turns out that everyone got him something, although they do end up delaying giving him them.

Itsuki finds Futaro studying late at the library and tells him that she has been working with another tutor. It’s more to take steps towards her career goal of becoming a teacher like their mother. Futaro falls asleep and wakes to find five paper cranes sitting before him. He’s not one to dwell on things and gets back to work for the exam, which he aces, finishing third nationally. Takeda reports back to the quintuplets’ father who obviously put Takeda up to it.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 22 Futaro's rival Takeda

On Futaro’s birthday, his sister reminds him that he needs to thank Yotsuba for her help at the school retreat last year. He decides that he will buy her something and takes her shopping. However, all of the things Yotsuba suggests seem like things the other girls will like. Eventually, Yotsuba takes Futaro to a playground where they play on the swings. It’s a rare moment for Futaro to relax and he even manages to smile…

With the new school trip coming up, and the students required to make groups of five, Ichika and Miku have both come up with plans to have Futaro all to themselves. However, it backfires when Futaro reveals that he has a group of friends that he will be going with…

So, now it’s becoming clear who likes Futaro and that appears to be everyone but Itsuki, although we now know that she was the one who dressed as Rena and broke things up with Futaro. Ichika found the photo as Itsuki tried to hide the box and will no doubt use that to her advantage…

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 22 Yotsuba flying high

What did you think?

There have been times when this season flows beautifully and then there are times when it rushes through things too quickly. Unfortunately, this was one of the later times. The sudden introduction of Takeda and his wacky ideas, which were all the quintuplets’ father’s ideas anyhow, was too abrupt. He was introduced, defeated, and forgotten about in the space of about five minutes. This has been an all too common element in this season.

That said, I did enjoy the episode and was amazed to see the effect Yotsuba had on Futaro. From my estimation that puts her in the lead. No one else has made him smile before… ever! I also feel like Itsuki likes him, but not in the same way the others do. Although, the Rena situation makes that a little less clear. There’s a lot to unravel and only two episodes left…

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 22 Itsuki watching over Futaro

What have you learnt?

I talked about Futaro’s predictability in the last episode and that has once more appeared, however, in this episode it was something that seemed unpredictable. Yotsuba managed to break through his shields with a bit of fun. Seeing Futaro’s face as he laughed at his failed attempt to jump off the swing was excellent. Because of how serious he is, and that’s the predictable element, it made this moment that much more special. It was easy to see how much he enjoyed himself, as awkward as he was.

This was the unpredictable character development and it worked perfectly. It showed us that Futaro is not a robot and that it took something brilliantly simple to break through to him. Of course, this will not instantly change who Futaro is and how he acts, but it’s a glimmer of hope for his happiness. I think it really does put Yotsuba in the lead, even if she hasn’t quite come to terms with her feelings yet.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 22 Futaro laughing

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