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After talking with Itsuki, Futaro agrees to try his best to tell the quintuplets apart. To do that, he’ll need to get past their father, and even then, there’s no guarantee he’ll actually be able to tell which is which!

What happened?

Once Futaro agrees, Itsuki runs into the mixed bath and says it’s not weird, despite Futaro’s objections. Of course, she too realises it is weird. Anyhow, she is going to distract her father so that Futaro can sneak in and see the other girls in an attempt to work out who is who, and find out who was the fake Itsuki that told him to leave.

However, once inside their room, he finds not one fake Itsuki, but four… He then gets a chance to sit down with all of them and ask them some questions. It’s not until the four Itsuki that he finally gets a break. Yotsuba gives herself away and then reveals that they dress like Itsuki so that their grandpa, the spa owner thinks that they are all still a group as he struggled when they started dressing differently from one another.

Meanwhile, Nino and Ichika go to the baths so that Nino can ask her for some advice. Of course, it’s about Futaro and puts Ichika into an awkward situation. It’s nowhere as awkward as it’s about to get as Nino says she might just kiss Futaro and then asks Ichika if she’s had any kissing roles as an actress and whether she could help her…

Futaro has a brief chat with Miku and is interrupted by their grandpa who can instantly tell them apart. This gives Futaro an idea and he runs off after grandpa and asks him to teach him how to tell them apart.

Nino asked Ichika to distract her father so that she can meet up with Futaro, but Yotsuba finds her crying and takes her to the roof to talk. She talks about their past and how Ichika grew up quicker than the others. Yotsuba also told her that her ability to go after what she wants is something she likes about her.

Finally, Futaro meets with one of the fake Itsukis and attempts to work out who it is. Miku manages to convince him that she is Ichika disguised as Itsuki, but as she walks away, he realises it’s Miku. She turns and dives into his arms. He still hasn’t got a clue, but Miku seems to be relieved.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 20 Nino and Ichika

What did you think?

All right, we seem to be back on track and I think the fact that this was all still pretty much the same time period really helped. There was no fast forward to the exam or jump forward three months. It was the same day and I really enjoyed it. The fun of having Futaro, who is usually so astute, struggling to tell them apart was pretty funny, especially when he begged grandpa for help.

As a card-carrying member of team Miku, I was pleased to see that she got some attention and was even able to make a bit of a break with Futaro. I do wonder if her desire for him to forget what she said to him the other night was her giving up and accepting the status quo. I already know the way this will end thanks to some pretty outrageous spoilers, my only hope is that they change it for the anime, which would be a nice surprise, although I’m sure some would lose their minds.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 20 Futaro and Grandpa

What have you learnt?

Like the last episode, this one focused on the strengths that made the first season so good. It was a little hard watching the girls coming to terms with the fact that more than one of them liked Futaro. It’s a nice touch that Itsuki doesn’t, but I still feel like there’s going to be some heartbreak as this progresses. I hope we get the conclusion we’re all waiting for this season. It’s not that I necessarily want it to end, but I also don’t want them to drag it out for no reason.

It was also interesting to see that Rena was their mother, which, of course, reveals to Futaro that one of them was pretending to be Rena. There’s still some things to be resolved and I think it’s entirely possible to wrap this all up nicely. However, no matter what happens, Miku is and always will be best girl.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 20 Miku and Futaro

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