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They have found Tsukasa’s sister, Mirai, but will the reverse petrification process heal her after being in a coma for six years… and the three-thousand years since then? If it works, it will change everything!

What happened?

Amazingly, they managed to find Mirai, buried deep in the ground. Senku was just about to pour the miracle revival formula onto her when Taiju stop him as Mirai was naked. Luckily, Yuzuriha managed to whip together an outfit and the process could resume. Senku poured on the liquid and they all watched and waited.

For the villagers, it was the first time seeing the process and it was a little startling, to say the least. The stone cracked slowly at first, but then it exploded burst off Mirai’s body. She opened her eyes and looked up at Tsukasa, seeing him as she remembers at first, but then noticing how much older he had become. Tsukasa couldn’t believe his eyes. Everything he had been fighting for was now coming true.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 10 Tsukasa and Mirai

It would appear that a lasting peace was about to come true. However, Chrome noticed that some of the dynamite was missing. It was hard to believe as there was only really one person that could slip past Ukyo’s hearing – Homura. But she was locked up, wasn’t she? That was when Suika found Mantel unconscious and Homura missing from her cage.

Several planned explosions occurred at the miracle cave. Then, without warning, Senku turned and ran the other way, towards Tsukasa, Mirai, and Hyoga. He tried to warn Tsukasa, but it was too late. Hyoga thrust his spear forwards, piercing Tsukasa’s chest as he protected Mirai. He let Tsukasa’s body fall over the edge towards the surging river. Senku caught his hand, but he too was pushed in. Hyoga dived in after them.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 10 Hyoga makes his move

They washed up on a small sandy beach near the sea. That was when Hyoga revealed how his beliefs differed from Tsukasa. While Tsukasa wanted to create a world where no one would need to take anything from one another, Hyoga sought to create a perfect world where only the strongest would prevail. For that, he wanted Senku to join him.

Senku refused, and luckily, Tsukasa had a little fight left in him. It was time for him to keep his original promise to Senku. Together, they fought Hyoga, but Tsukasa was injured and Senku… well, Senku is a weakling… It looked it was all over until Senku revealed his final invention – a taser made from the remains of the cell phone!

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 10 Kohaku

What did you think?

Overall, this episode was epic. It was a great moment for Tsukasa to be reunited with his little sister who had worked so hard to care for. I felt they were a little too obvious with the Hyoga betrayal, but that’s nothing to get upset about. Seeing Senku and Tsukasa team-up was another great moment and something that we never knew we needed until now.

Unfortunately for me, I knew all this was coming thanks to some research on names I did back in season one. That sadly, means that I know what comes next. I’m not going to say anything, but I am excited to see how it all comes together. It should be fairly exhilarating, even with it spoilt for me.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 10 Hyoga shocked

What have you learnt?

So, we still didn’t really get much of a Hyoga back story other than to see how his views differ from Tsukasa. Now, while Tsukasa had some questionable ideas, I always liked that his outlook seemed somewhat logical. Now, Hyoga on the other hand had some logical ideas, but his outlook was a little bit too insane. He was going down the full-on survival of the fittest model. It’s funny that he believed he had been chosen by the petrification process, but it was Tsukasa that revived him, otherwise, he would still be a stone statue. A loser statue!

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 10 Tsukasa and Senku

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  1. “Overall, this episode was epic.”

    Exactly! (I mean, there’s not a lot more to be said…)

    • Can’t wait to sit down and watch the last episode either. Also, glad they’ve already announced a third season.

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