KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 21) – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful Party!

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They escape from the Axis Cult and head to the source of the hot springs sure that they will find the one responsible. However, all they find is that guy from the mixed baths and he looks pretty much defeated…

What happened?

With the angry mob on the tail, they hurried up the mountain to find the source of the hot springs. However, blocking their way was a pair of guards and they belong to the Church of Eris. Luckily, they had Darkness with them… or should I say Lalatina! With her family crest, they were able to gain access and continued on their adventure.

Once they reached the source, they found a lone man looking into the water. It was the guy from the mixed baths and he looked like he was about to give up. Kazuma raced towards him to stop him from throwing himself into the water. However, he merely had his hand in and it was poisoning the hot springs. That was when Wiz recognized him as Hans the poison slime, demon general.

Kazuma was prepared to fight. It’s a slime after all, but that’s when Darkness and Megumin told him that slimes weren’t easy targets. They eat everything and if you’re not digested, you’ll be smothered. He tried to run, but the angry mob was coming the other way. Reluctantly, Kazuma raced back and faced Hans. When Wiz discovered that Hans had eaten the hot springs overseer, she attacked, forcing Hans to take on his true form.

Aqua desperately tried to purify the hot springs while the others fought. Kazuma lured Hans away where he was eaten, but it gave Megumin the chance to use Explosion, cutting Hans down to size. That was enough for Wiz to freeze him. With most of his energy gone, Hans emerged as a small slime. That was when Aqua caught up with him and used God Blow, followed by God Blow Requiem which was overpowered thanks to the words of her followers.

The defeated Hans, however, Aqua purified the entire hot springs in the process and the town of Arcanretia was left with nothing more than hot water. They headed home, or more like they were chased out of the city, the hot springs ruined and the Axis Cult in tatters.

What did you think?

The final episode of the first season was epic and made great use of the OP during the action. Well, this was the end of the second season and it did everything right again. This episode was epic and I really love it when they pull out all the stops on the animation. This fight was spectacular.

There were plenty of funny moments in it too, most notably the way they were chased out of the city after defeating the demon general and saving everyone, but sadly not the hot springs. Aqua just can’t catch a break. Everything she does seems to backfire, even as powerful as she is. It was a great end to the second season. I’ve loved every minute of it.

KonoSuba Episode 21 Aqua god blow

What have you learnt?

We all know that Kazuma is a bit of a jerk. He’s basically not the sort of person that you would expect to lead an isekai. However, he is brilliant all the same. When things get serious it’s often his plan that pulls them through. This time he was even willing to be eaten by a slime to create an opening for his team. Not only is that pretty ballsy, but it shows how much faith he has in their abilities, despite what he normally says about them.

Honestly, he’s got to be one of my favourite isekai main characters as he provides more entertainment than the sullen mopey individuals that too often take the lead.

KonoSuba Episode 21 Kazuma eaten

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode twenty-one of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, we’ve finally done it. I have undeniable proof that Aqua is not wearing any panties and most likely hasn’t been this entire time. Now, I’m not saying you should zoom in on Aqua’s bum on the first image below, but if you did, I think you will quite clearly see for yourself. At long last, we have an answer. It means that I can enjoy the OVA and the movie without worrying about what Aqua is wearing. She’s breezy!

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