KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 1) – This Self-Proclaimed Goddess and Reincarnation in Another World!

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Kazuma is a fairly typical shut-in, but on this one occasion, he ventured outside to get the latest store-exclusive video game. However, he died trying to save a girl and now finds himself in the afterlife with a choice to make!

What happened?

Kazuma is welcomed to the afterlife by the goddess, Aqua. He seems more than a little put out, but she seems to be loving it. When he asks if the girl he tried to save survived, Aqua takes great delight in telling him that she was never in any danger. Confused, Kazuma asks how he died. This sets Aqua into fits of laughter as she explains that he died of shock, peed his pants, and then had a heart attack as the medical staff and his family laughed at how ridiculous his death was.

Regardless of this tragic end, Kazuma is given two choices. He can go to heaven, which is boring by all accounts, or be reborn in a world that is threatened by a demon lord with his memories and body. He will also get to take one thing with him. Anything he wants.

After being mocked for far too long by Aqua, Kazuma makes his choice. He will go to the fantasy world and he will take Aqua with him. She is understandably shocked, but another goddess appears to take over Aqua’s role as Kazuma’s wish had been recognized. Now, he finds himself in this new world with no skills, no money, and a goddess with lower than average luck and intellect. How will they survive? Will they survive? Only time will tell!

KonoSuba Episode 1 Aqua

What did you think?

I watched this series last year and loved it. However, I never found the time to write about it, so now, I’m rewatching it and will write lots because, quite frankly, there is a lot to talk about. My first observation is going to be how Kazuma himself even noticed that this episode was the character creation phase of the game. The self-referential elements of this series are hilarious and just add to the already crazy cast of characters.

The idea that Kazuma has been isekaied and knows the reference is great. He even said it at one point. I love that Aqua pushed things too far and is now paying the price. This series is just brilliant and this is a great opening episode. Even the montage at the end where they are trying to develop their skills and earn money to survive, although they seem to end up partying at the guild too often.

KonoSuba Episode 1 Kazuma

What have you learnt?

I had never considered myself a comedy writer, although recently I have done a couple of shorts and drafts that definitely play on the darker side of comedy. My NaNoWriMo story for this year is a supernatural harem rom-com, so that should tell you where my work seems to be heading. So, that makes watching shows like this that much more relevant. I want to find a way to combine my love of fantasy, awkward humour, and outrageous characters, and KonoSuba is a great place to learn and work on that. I hope to pick up a lot and the fact that I’m rewatching it means that I can really look for the detail and find out how it works.

KonoSuba Episode 1 Aqua and Kazuma

What is Aqua wearing?

As I re-watch Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, I am going to attempt to solve one of anime’s greatest questions – Is Aqua wearing any panties? As you can see from this image, the answer is inconclusive… Tune in next week as I reveal my latest findings…

KonoSuba Episode 1 Is Aqua wearing Panties

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