KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 12) – Give Me Deliverance From This Judicial Injustice!

KonoSuba Title

Kazuma is suspected of subversion for deliberately sending the coronatite from the Destroyer to a lords mansion. Therefore, they believe he is working for the devil king and is a terrorist!

What happened?

At first, the other adventurers attempt to stand up for Kazuma, but when Sena, the prosecution tells them that they too can be charged, everyone gets awfully quiet. Kazuma tries to run but is quickly apprehended and thrown into a cell, awaiting trial. Aqua attempts to break him out but isn’t much help. Finally, however, Kazuma is taken for questioning and must convince a magical device that can tell if he’s lying or not of his innocence.

As you might imagine, it isn’t long before Kazuma is cleared of all wrongdoing. Unfortunately for Kazuma, he gets cocky and pushes things too far. Finally, Sena asks him if he has any connection to the devil king or his armies. Kazuma says that he does not, but the device signals that he is lying. That’s when he remembers Wiz and her connection to the devil king. Looks like there will be a trial after all!

Various witnesses are brought forward and while many didn’t have anything particularly bad to say, well some did, it was all taken out of context and used to make him look bad. Sure, some of it did make him look bad, but he isn’t a terrorist. Finally, he realises that if he phrases his answer in a certain way, the device will prove his innocence, which it does. However, when the judge is about to declare Kazuma innocent, the Lord intervenes and a guilty verdict is passed.

Darkness steps up and reveals her family connections and offers to do whatever the Lord wants to give her a chance to prove Kazuma’s innocence. He eyes her fondly and agrees to her terms. Once Darkness leaves to see the Lord, his soldiers arrive at their house and take everything of value, even Kazuma’s tracksuit!

KonoSuba Episode 12 Kazuma on trial

What did you think?

I was not expecting a courtroom drama in KonoSuba, but it seems like the perfect place to pick up after season one. I’m glad that they didn’t just brush the accusation under the table and move on. Using his connection to Wiz to make him appear guilty was a great bit of writing. Sena’s performance as the lead prosecutor was amazing, even if it was a complete kangaroo court.

I’m just hoping Darkness will be all right with that sleazy old Lord… Can’t believe they took Kazuma’s tracksuit! Those monsters!

KonoSuba Episode 12 The Prosecution Sena

What have you learnt?

I think genres are a lot more fluid than people think. Often times, a genre isn’t even a defining part of the story. I’d argue that a lot of science fiction is suspense or thriller first and that science fiction is merely a setting or an element of the story. Sure, it can take a much more prominent role or a lesser role, but the same is true for lots of other genres. Romance is in almost everything. Can you really have a story without drama? So, throwing a courtroom drama into an Isekai fantasy story is as natural as a tracksuit in the middle-ages. It’s your story, do whatever you want. Just don’t go crazy… unless you want to!

KonoSuba Episode 12 Kazuma tells the truth

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode twelve of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, and I am continuing my investigation into Aqua’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, I am unable to make any sort of allegations at this stage. I’m still searching for a suitable witness that I might be able to coerce into revealing the truth, especially after those monster gators never got back to me. This image certainly seems conclusive, but it sadly doesn’t prove a thing… no matter how long you stare at it…

KonoSuba Episode 12 Aqua trying to break Kazuma out of jail

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