KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 6) – A Conclusion to This Worthless Fight!

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The Dullahan has arrived at the town and he’s pissed off. Not only have the explosive attacks on his castle not stopped, but they didn’t show up to save Darkness, who he placed a death curse on.

What happened?

Aqua finds it all too funny. The idea that the Dullahan has been sitting in his castle waiting for them to show up when she lifted his weak curse the second he left. To top that off, Megumin has been blowing up his castle. Apparently, if it’s not big and hard, she’d not interested anymore… Anyhow, it also turns out that Aqua has been helping her as she’s mad that the Dullahan has scared off the easy quests and she needs some money.

She attempts to purify him, but it doesn’t work, although he was rolling around on the floor in pain. He decides to summon an army of undead knights who are mysteriously drawn towards Aqua. She runs off but then returns and Kazuma gets caught up in it. He leads them back towards the Dullahan so that Megumin can hit them all with her explosion magic.

It doesn’t kill the Dullahan so Darkness steps up to try to stop him while they wait for the hero who can defeat the Dullahan with ease. That hero is the same one that Kazuma fought in the last episode, stole his magic sword, and sold it… Looks like they’re on their own. Kazuma realises that the Dullahan’s weakness is water and gets everyone that can use summon water to do so. Then Aqua reappears and unleashes a massive flood.

It weakens the Dullahan enough the Kazuma is able to steal his head. Distracted by that, he doesn’t notice or is too weak to do anything about Aqua’s latest purification attack. Amazingly, they defeated the Dullahan and were handsomely rewarded. Kazuma is ready to give up the life of an adventurer and settle down, but Aqua’s flood attack damaged the city walls and it’s going to cost more than the reward to repair them…

KonoSuba Episode 6 Megumin uses Explosion Magic

What did you think?

This was the perfect conclusion to the Dullahan arc. I loved that he had been sat there waiting for them to come and fight him, but they never came. Except that Megamin used explosion on his castle daily and that must have made it worse as he was no doubt expecting them to attack shortly after. I can just see him sitting there getting more and more frustrated by the whole thing.

On top of that, the dialogue in this series is fantastic. I love how short and punchy every line is when Kazuma is calling out his party members or being sarcastic. The way that all of their powers, as useless as they appear to be most of the time seemed to come together to create the ultimate barrier to the Dullahan. I just find myself laughing all the way through every episode and don’t expect to stop any time soon.

KonoSuba Episode 6 Kazuma steals Dullahan's Head

What have you learnt?

Often times it can get annoying when a character comes up against an enemy and it just so happens that he is the perfect person to face them. They have the exact powers needed to nullify the enemies strengths. It can appear all a little too contrived. However, in a comedic setting, this works perfectly, especially when we’ve already established that none of them are that useful to begin with. So, when it happens, it’s far funnier than it probably had any right to be.

KonoSuba Episode 6 Aqua purifies the Dullahan

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode six of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, there was absolutely no evidence that pointed to whether Aqua is wearing panties or not. However, why is it that the undead knights were automatically drawn towards her and continued to chase her? They just ran and ran and ran, but never got any closer. It’s like they were doing intentionally. And, if you look at the image below many of them appear to be cheering. It’s not conclusive, but if I was an undead knight, it might be something I would do… damn undead perverts!

KonoSuba Episode 6 Undead Knights chase Kazuma and Aqua towards the Dullahan

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