ROLL OVER AND DIE: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! (Volume 1) – Changing Fate at the Edge of Her Sword

Roll Over and Die Volume 1 Cover

Flum Apricot was a member of the hero’s party before being betrayed by another member and sold into slavery. She has no powers and just an obscure ability that she can’t use, but even she never expected this!

ROLL OVER AND DIE: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! (Volume 1) – Changing Fate at the Edge of Her Sword

What happened?

Despite her lack of power, Flum had been close with the hero. That was a problem for the Sage, Jean Inteige who secretly seeks to create a new lineage with the hero. However, making Flum disappear was remarkably easy, since she can’t fight back. Jean sold her into slavery, telling her that everyone in the party agreed that this was the best action. Of course, he lied, telling them that she went home. The slaver was disappointed to learn that she couldn’t do anything and was ready to cut his losses.

He gathered his most useless slaves together and released ghouls into their cell. He also had a cursed sword placed on the wall to tempt them to fight back. One slave grabbed it and melted away. The ghouls attacked Flum as she crawled towards the sword. If she was going to die anyway, she would at least fight. The sword healed Flum’s injuries and increased her power. She was strong enough to defeat the ghouls, kill the slaver, and escape with Milkit, the only other surviving slave.

Flum’s ability is reversal and now she knows how to use it. Since the sword should melt, it healed. All of the power decreases became increases for her. Now, she is determined to carve a new life for herself and Milkit. Their first task is to earn some money, so they join an adventurer’s guild but were tricked into taking a much harder quest. Can they survive with Flum’s newfound powers?

Roll Over and Die Volume 1 Flum Apricots cursed sword

What did you think?

Well, this was dark. I loved it. It reminded me of Akame ga Kill and Redo of Healer without the fan service. There is quite clearly a yuri element to things as it would appear that Flum and the hero were working towards becoming an item when Flum was betrayed. Now, Flum has Milkit with her, which could develop, although Milkit only knows slavery so it’s going to be a steady journey to free her mind.

I love that Flum now has the knowledge to become stronger and stronger. No doubt, no one wants cursed items so she should be able to acquire them fairly easily and with each one her powers will grow. We have the makings of an overpowered protagonist, but in this instance, we get to see them grow into that power and not have it suddenly thrust upon them.

There was clearly something going on with those werewolves in her quest to become an adventurer. Them suddenly merging and becoming a more terrifying beast was no accident and the way the dying beast swore vengeance on Flum as she walked away tells us that. I’m loving everything about this one and can’t wait to get into the next volumes. I get the sense things are going to get darker and more exciting as this progresses.

Roll Over and Die Volume 1 Flum Apricot fights back

Volume highlights

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