Jormungand: Perfect Order (Season Two)

Jormungand Perfect Order Title

Koko has a new plan and the thought of it terrifies Jonah so much so that he jumps overboard and swims to shore. Can Jonah convince Koko not to go through with it or will he realize that it was inevitable all along?

What did you watch?

So, continuing with the letter J in my A to Z Anime Challenge, I jumped straight into season two of Jormungand which has the subtitle of Perfect Order. I loved the first season and was excited to see just where this season went. There was lots of build-up and promise of stuff to come in the first season, which had me entering this season with a lot of anticipation. Let’s find out if it lived up to my hopes, and don’t forget that there will be spoilers.

Jormungand Perfect Order Jonah and Koko

What happened?

Koko and Dr Miama are planning something big, really big. So big in fact that no one other than them knows exactly what. CIA Chief of the European Division Bookman hopes to uncover exactly what they’re up to so that he can use them as a tool for the U.S., but even he can’t be prepared for what it really is.

Meanwhile, one of Bookman’s top agents seeks to bring down Koko by kidnapping Jonah, but the mission is thwarted by R who dies in a gunfight. Koko continues to move pieces around the world, slowly bringing project Jormungand into action, but when Jonah finds out what she’s planning he jumps ship, literally!

Jormungand Perfect Order Hex

What did you think?

Incredible! This series is just fantastic. I loved the first season and wondered how they could possibly top it, but they did. In this season, we really see that Koko is a legitimate Bond villain. She is completely crazy and has the money and resources to do something with it. At the same time, you can see her rationalisation of the situation and the solution. I’m not saying she’s right, but it’s awful hard to argue with her.

Jormungand Perfect Order Koko Jonah

What was your favourite moment?

I really enjoyed the whole arc where Kasper picked a fight with the Special Research Unit of the Japanese Defense Intelligence Headquarters. The scene where Kasper met with one of the Granville Trading’s employees (or assassin for the SR Unit) and then they have to fight their way out of the hotel was excellent. We finally got to see Chiquita let loose and it was everything I imagined it would be.

Jormungand Perfect Order Chiquita Steps In

What was your least favourite moment?

Koko has amassed a team of specialists, admittedly kidnapping two of them. She has Dr Miama the robotics expert, a quantum physicist/hacker in Leila Ibrahim Faiza, and quantum optics expert Elena Babruin. Together they are working on Project Jormungand at Koko’s toy factory in South Africa. Of course, they have a hot spring on the facility and are all enjoying it, unaware that a group of pervy men in CIA headquarter are spying on them with a drone. Sure, have the hot springs by all means, but not sure the benefit of the spying going on… aren’t we already doing that as the viewers?

Jormungand Perfect Order Dr Elena Baburin Hot Springs

Who was your favourite character?

Valmet didn’t get nearly as much screen time in season two, but Chiquita did see more action. That said, I did enjoy Dr Miami. She was quirky and eccentric and more than a little sinister. Honestly, however, there was such a good mix of characters to keep this season interesting. Even Hex was excellent and she was a bad guy… or was she really a good guy! I don’t know my right and wrong scale is way off after this series!

Jormungand Perfect Order Kasper Chiquita Jonah

Who was your least favourite character?

This time around it was Bookman. He was kind of interesting and was useful to show how he had become a puppet for Koko when he was trying to do the reverse to her, but he was also dull. The former head of the Japanese SR Unit was a far more interesting character, so there wasn’t really any excuse. Even Scarecrow was more fun in this season.

Jormungand Perfect Order Bookman

Who needs more screen time?

Obviously, I’m still pining for the Valmet and Chiquita spin-off story. That would be amazing and I wouldn’t say no to Karen Lo joining the team. Seriously, why isn’t someone making this?

Jormungand Perfect Order Chiquita Attacks

Would you like some more?

I think given the ending, here is a good place to stop. I like the idea of what’s about to happen, but it would be pretty horrific to see it all play out. So, I’ll just have to settle for the Valmet, Chiquita, and Lo spin-off series. I’m still waiting…

Regardless, this series is an absolute must-watch anime. It’s instantly one of my all-time favourites.

Jormungand Perfect Order Team Koko

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  1. I also just adored season 2, though R ended up being my favourite character. I just loved his story arc and after watching season 2 I had to go back to season 1 just to pay more attention to his earlier moments in the series. The whole show is really great though. Love Jormungand.

    • Yeah, R really saved their bacon against Hex. All of the characters got their time in the sun which was cool. It really was a great series.

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