Blood-C: The Last Dark

Blood C The Last Dark Title

Desperate to track down Fumito and make him pay for what he put her through, Saya heads to Tokyo and hooks up with a group of hackers. This time she’s after blood!

What did you watch?

When I selected Blood-C as part of my A to Z Anime Challenge I was aware of the movie and had planned to watch it anyhow, even before I realised it followed directly on from the series. If anything it’s kind of a feature-length final episode. If you’ve not seen the series, it might not make a lot of sense. It’s still a fun ride and visually exciting, but I’d recommend watching the series first. Anyhow, in this post, you will find spoilers.

Blood C The Last Dark Mana

What happened?

It’s been six months since the conclusion of Blood-C and Saya is healed and thirsty for revenge. She heads to Tokyo in search of Fumito and his sinister organisation. It doesn’t take long before Saya encounters an Elder Bairn on the subway. It grabs a girl and flees. She gives chance ultimately killing the Elder Bairn and saving the girl.

It turned out the girl she saved was a member of a secret group also determined to bring down Fumito for their own reasons. Saya agrees to join them for the time being. However, Fumito is incredibly careful and leaves nothing to chance, having upset the Elder Bairns and Saya. The group manage to hack his schedule and find an opening.

Saya dons a school uniform and sneaks in, only to find out that it was a trap. A massive artificial Elder Bairn attacks her, forcing Saya to fight for her life. Can she track down Fumito and make him pay for everything he’s done to her?

Blood C The Last Dark Saya Mad

What did you think?

I decided even before watching the series that I would watch the movie and write up a bonus review. Straight away, the opening scene on the train is electric. The animation is of a much higher quality than the series and it’s maintained all of the cinematographic greatness. It’s got a lot of great moments which mostly involve Saya being a complete badass, but once again, the ending kind of lets it down.

Blood C The Last Dark Saya

What was your favourite moment?

I’ve talked about the opening scene already, so I think I’m going to talk about the trap at the school. Fumito is obviously one slippery character and given what he was able to orchestrate in the series, his company must have unfathomable power. As such he sets a trap for Saya and lures her in.

One of the group’s hackers, who incidentally goes to the school is caught in the middle of it and Saya has to use all of her strength, cunning, and vampire abilities to win. It’s just another excellent fight in a series full of them.

Blood C The Last Dark Saya versus Elder Bairn

What was your least favourite moment?

Once again, it all fell to pieces at the end. The series was all right, but the movie ending just left me shaking my head. So, it turns out the leader of the group Saya joined was the Fumito’s relative who told Saya that Fumito had killed his family, which was true.

They had planned it together, so it wasn’t quite as he’d said. Anyhow, they manage to get Saya to a safe location within Fumito’s base having already given her a drug to render her powerless. This is where it gets silly.

Fumito injects his relative with Saya’s blood transforming him into an Elder Bairn seed… He then fused his own body with the seed, transforming himself into a giant Elder Bairn and we’re talking Godzilla size. Saya recovers from the drug and attacks. She manages to kill it with her first attempt. It was just all too easy in the end. All that build-up for that was a massive let down.

Blood-C The Last Dark Saya End

Who was your favourite character?

Nothing has changed. Saya is once more the best character, standing head and shoulders above all others. The return of the talking dog that grants wishes was cool, but not nearly cool enough. Even the hackers were a bit boring and didn’t do too much.

Blood C The Last Dark Saya Gets a Sword

Who was your least favourite character?

Wow! Fumito again. Not only was he kind of absent for most of the movie, only showing up to waffle on about this and that every so often, but he was also a crap villain, being defeated with one blow. I still can’t get over how disappointing the ending was.

Blood C The Last Dark Fumito

Which character needs more screen time?

I would watch anything with Saya in, especially if they maintain the cinematography. It really was a joy to watch and the fights, well, most of them, were absolutely breath-taking. My weakness for strong girls with swords is well documented, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but the fights are incredible and I do love a good fight, too!

Blood C The Last Dark Saya Recalls the Previous Events

Would you like some more?

Part of me wants to say no because of two poor endings, but as I said earlier, if they make the fights as compelling as the previous ones then I would definitely watch that. Seriously, they should get an award just for the fight scenes. Everything about them is just so perfectly done. Even the last fight was spectacular to look at, if only it wasn’t so easy.

Blood C The Last Dark Mana Shocked

What have you learnt?

Definitely the fights. I’m going to have to really study them to see what I can pull into my writing. I need to build up a database of amazing fights that I can watch over and over again. What are your favourite fight scenes? It doesn’t have to be from anime either. If it’s a great fight, I need to see it.

Blood C The Last Dark Saya versus Fumito's Men

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  1. A wish granting talking dog? Very cool.

    • Indeed, but not cool enough to save the timid ending unfortunately.

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