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Jonah hates guns with a passion, but as a former child soldier, he’s not got that many skills. However, his life is changed forever when he is recruited into Koko Hekmatyar’s squad of mercenaries.

What did you watch?

When I was looking at series beginning with a J for my A to Z Anime Challenge, there were two that stood out to me. One was Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and the other was this one. I knew nothing of Jormungand going in other than it was well regarded. In this battle, it was also shorter, so it won out and for that I am glad. I still plan to watch Jojo at some point, although it will be quite the undertaking, given its length. Anyhow, back to Jormungand, and as usual, there will be spoilers.

Jormungand Koko Hekmatyar's Team

What happened?

Jonah was a child soldier until he was recruited to join a weapons dealers personal squad of mercenaries. The real irony is that Jonah hates weapons like he really hates them and the people that sell them. So, what’s he doing working for an arms dealer?

In short, he’s doing it to save some friends and give them a better life, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to start to like them. After all, he’s a professional and when he’s set his mind on doing something he will. His new boss, Koko Hekmatyar is a young and ambitious dealer with a cool and calm exterior, but don’t piss her off, whatever you do!

Jormungand Koko Hekmatyar

What did you think?

I loved it! I didn’t think I would love it as much as I did going into it, but it really is as good as the buzz that surrounds it would have you believe. Jonah was a great character to see the story through as the older members of the squad help him fit in. He gets to see how the operation works and travel to parts of the world he could only have dreamed of. In fact, every member of Koko’s crew was interesting and varied.

Jormungand Direct Hit

What was your favourite moment?

The final arc was my favourite, but all of them were good. In this arc, Valmet leaves Koko’s squad to go to Africa and track down the man that killed her squad and took her eye. Obviously, Koko knew that something like this might happen and had Jonah follow her. Rather than bring her back though, Jonah helps Valmet complete her mission before they both head back together.

Jormungand Valmet Running

What was your least favourite moment?

This is impossible. Every arc was well executed and delivered a thrilling and interesting ride. They were all unique enough that nothing felt like it was repeated or overused. It helps that the squad is large enough that they can focus on different members and how they influence Jonah and Koko. The more I think about it the more I realise that this series is outstanding.

Jormungand Jonah Opens Fire

Who was your favourite character?

There were a lot of cool characters and obviously Jonah and Koko are near the top of my rankings. The top spot, however, is reserved for Valmet. Seriously, Valmet is awesome. She was easily one of the toughest members of the squad and in close quarters she is unstoppable. I’m also not going to lie, but Valmet is definitely moving up on the potential waifu ranks. Don’t tell her though, she’d probably kill me just for thinking it!

Jormungand Bikini Valmet Attacks

Who was your least favourite character?

I think Scarecrow was my least favourite character. It probably didn’t help that he was brash and overconfident all of the time. Thankfully, he was usually accompanied by Schokolade who is a far cooler character and not nearly as much of a hothead.

Jormungand Scarecrow

Who needs more screen time?

Koko’s brother Kasper has a bodyguard called Chiquita. She is very similar to Valmet, so it goes without saying that she needs more time. In fact, I’d watch a spinoff show where Valmet and Chiquita do stuff. It could be anything and I’d watch it. Seriously, who doesn’t love strong women?

Jormungand Lehm Chiquita Jonah

Would you like some more?

Thankfully, there is a second season and I have already watched it. The review for that should follow shortly, so watch out for it. As I said, this series is excellent. It has action and strategies, but characters that are also warm and endearing, when they’re not shooting everybody up that is. Don’t cross them, as long as you do that, you might be fine!

Jormungand Valmet Under Fire

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  1. Good job on the review. I have seen that name floating around for years even when I had an anime fan hiatus (long story). Looks like an interesting series with dark themes. Also, thanks for checking out that article I posted today despite how controversial my opinions were about that movie franchise.

    • Thanks, it does raise some very interesting issues and it’s a fun series. Also, Disney’s been copying stuff for a long time. Even Finding Nemo is a clone of a French book.

    • Sure thing, Lynn. That’s good to know about that particular series.

      I didn’t know that about Finding Nemo. WOW! Yeah, it bugs me how they get away with these things when anyone else would’ve been demonized and/or sued if they did the same thing.

    • I guess it helps when you have a ton of money and massive legal teams…

    • Yeah, seriously. That was one of the main reasons why Tezuka Productions didn’t sue them even though they really wanted to. I could almost picture the culprits saying [read this in Scar’s voice for the full effect] “We’re Disney! We can do whatever we want!”

  2. This is now on my viewing list.

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