Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 8) – Valkyrie Effect

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Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Title

The Gouverneur approached Lady Lady with some information that she’d like them to investigate. It could very well lead to the secret of Mermaid Island and possibly a way off!

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 8) – Valkyrie Effect

What happened?

There was one condition to the request from the Gouverneur and that was that they take Mirei with them. That, of course, meant that Mamori would come too. They enlisted Meifon’s assistance so that they could conserve their energy. This could get dangerous and fast. They arrived at the location and found a pile of rocks. Lady J drove Rein so that she would transform into the gun and blasted the rocks to reveal a hidden path.

The path didn’t seem to go anywhere until Meifon sat on a trigger and opened another secret door. Inside they found a strange facility, but there were no clues to what had happened there. That was until Meifon was attacked by a mysterious machine. Mirei knew exactly what it was a rushed to get Mamori away from it. However, it managed to track them down and forced Mirei to reveal the powers that she acquired as a secret military experiment.

Even then, it wasn’t looking good until Mamori stepped up and tried to protect Mirei. This somehow awakened a new form of the A Virus. Mirei quickly defeated the artificial arms, but it set off a chain reaction, destroying the facility. They only just managed to escape, however, Mamori’s Valkyrie Effect from her awakening had been noticed by the mainland!

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 8 Lady J holding Rain Hasumi in Weapon Form

What did you think?

We got to see more of Lady Lady in this episode and that’s always a good thing. On top of that, there was another glimpse into Mirei’s past and the sort of experiments that were being done with the A Virus. It was nice to see the story picking up again after a few filler episodes and it was also cool to see Mirei showing off more of her abilities. Of course, Mamori transforming into an even more powerful weapon was nice too. I’m curious how Lady Lady manage to keep themselves on the verge of transforming at all times. It reminds me of the Hulk in the first Avengers movie. I’m always horny! At least, that’s what I think he said. Or am I talking about Lady Lady now???

Episode highlights

A Secret Mission!

Lady Lady!

Secret Entrance!


How do Two People Ride a Motorcycle?!

Super Soldier!

How do Four People Ride a Motorcycle?!

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