Record of Grancrest War (Episode 12) – A Treaty Formed

Record of Grancrest War Title

Now that Milza controls Alturk, he is determined to destroy all who would stand in his way, however, Villar’s lords are not willing to go down easily and form a treaty to unite them.

What happened?

Milza attacks and slays all who oppose him, but every man’s dying breath echoes Villar’s name. It would appear that no one likes Milza and he doesn’t like that. Villar’s lords get together and form an alliance, however, there is some disagreement about who should lead them. The consensus is that David Lasic leads, but he believes it should be Theo. It is left between the two, where David will lead until Theo can do something to impress upon them all his claim.

David Lasic meets Milza on the battlefield and while both manage to wound the other, neither is hurt too badly. It is enough to force Milza to retreat and reconsider his plan.

Meanwhile, Marrine has closed in on a castle that Theo is protecting. She’s curious about him and even though she has an overwhelmingly superior army, she wants to meet with him. Theo agrees and uses it as a chance to try to convince her to get back together with Alexis. Marrine reveals that she believes that those that don’t want the chaos to end will emerge to stop any such union, and as such she must unite the Grancrest by force.

Theo kisses Siluca in front of Marrine to make a point and hopes for a miracle. It comes in the form of another Union lord attacking Nord and leaving the Alliance exposed. Marrine retreats to reinforce her homeland. It’s the perfect opportunity for Theo to return to his home and free his people.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 12 Milza versus David Lasic

What did you think?

Ironically, it feels like we’re actually getting down to the bones of the story. It’s almost like everything before here has been building towards this point, although it has done this in a long and roundabout kind of way. There have been a lot of enjoyable moments, and some frustrating ones, but it really shouldn’t take twelve episodes to get to the point where things feel like this.

Hopefully, now, we’ll get to see Theo return home and win the people’s trust to stage a revolution and win without invading. It’s what Theo does best and it’s what we’ve all been waiting for since the first couple of episodes. I do still feel like the chaos element of this has been completely forgotten and as such doesn’t feel very chaotic at all…

Record of Grancrest War Episode 12 Siluca and Theo kiss

What have you learnt?

I was pleased to see my assumptions about Marrine’s plans come true. Unlike, almost every message board about this series I’ve seen, I quite like Marrine and while she’s made some crazy decisions, I can kind of see why. One of my favourite things with villains, and to some extent Marrine is a villain, although not like Milza is, is when you can understand their point of view. You might not agree with the execution of the plan, but it does on some level make sense.

Marrine has decided to save the man she loves, and to do that, she will conquer the world. If that’s not love, I don’t know what love is anymore.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 12 Marrine upset

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  1. Marrine was a great character. To me, she came across as tragic.

    My only real complaint about the series is that it’s an inch deep and 20 miles wide. But maybe they didn’t think they’d get funding for a couple hundred of episodes!

    • Yeah, I find her fascinating.

      For sure, this is no doubt a massive sprawling epic in its light novel format and sadly they couldn’t get all that into the anime without hurrying through lots of elements.

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