Record of Grancrest War (Episode 15) – Return

Record of Grancrest War Title

The Black Witch was to be executed by the Mage’s Association, but before she could she offered herself to the Demon Lord. Now, Theo must return to the mainland and help remove Milza from Alturk!

What happened?

Siluca believed that the Black Witch may have been involved in the Great Hall tragedy that tore the two factions apart. She wouldn’t confirm nor deny it, but that didn’t stop the Mage’s Association from declaring her guilty and arranged for her execution. This was troubling to Siluca as they’ve never been so hasty. Something didn’t feel right.

When the time came to execute the Black Witch, she stopped it dead by summoning the Demon Lord and offering her soul to it. The Demon Lord collected her head and then vanished once more. The high ranking Mage seemed to be pleased with the outcome.

Back in Alturk, Milza was frustrated that the people were rising up against him and began to conquer the lands as well as Castle Unicorn. It was going surprisingly well considering her was slaughtering his own citizens. With that pretty much taken care of, he was summoned to see Marrine.

While he was away, Theo took back the Forest of Eternal Darkness and planned to remove Milza for good. Milza left the meeting and hurried back, although Marrine told him to be careful and not underestimate Theo.

Theo’s plan was to lure them into the forest where Milza’s numerical advantage would be lessened. Of course, Milza was advised against doing that, but he’s got a bit of a temper on him and wasn’t about to let Theo taunt him like that.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 15 The Black Witch offers her soul to the Demon Lord

What did you think?

The best part of this episode was the beginning with the Black Witch. It as amazing when she summoned the Demon Lord and showed just how powerful she is. They did make it a little too obvious that someone in the Mage’s Association is somehow connected to her and the events that took place in the Great Hall tragedy. It wasn’t confirmed, but it might as well have been. I guess now we just need to know who and why.

I think they could have shown Milza getting more and more irate with his situation which would lead to him making a reckless decision such as entering the Forest of Eternal Darkness. He’s always been pretty hotheaded, but he has shown some tactic nuance too. The way it happened felt like he had to make a rash decision to move the story along.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 15 Milza

What have you learnt?

One thing I find a little bizarre in this series is the amount of time these lords are standing around listening to Theo talk. Every one of them seems to be completely rigid. Now, while this might be the case for someone more accustomed to this sort of thing, I would like to see the werewolves leaning against a pillar looking slightly disinterested. It lacks any variety and makes these scenes quite boring.

At least when Marrine met with Milza and Ulrica, it made it clear that they each had a different perspective on the things happening across the kindgoms. It added a bit of life to the discussion and made the exposition easier to swallow.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 15 Theo's Forces

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