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Several more lords have allied with Theo, but there is a king to deal with next and he has no intention of recognizing Theo’s independence. It looks like this one will have to be decided in battle!

What happened?

A priestess and her companions have arrived at Theo’s door and seek an audience for they believe that he will be the one to end the chaos once and for all. Siluca is less interested in letting them in, but Theo is more than welcoming. Things seem to be progressing well. So much so that Siluca reveals the end goal of her plan for Theo. He is to take the family name of a great hero from his homeland, switch sides, and return home to defeat the tyrant that is destroying his homeland.

Theo loves the idea, although one of the older mages is concerned that Theo is being viewed as a puppet. Siluca resolves to consult Theo more with her plans, however, they’re discussion is interrupted by a chaos appearance in a nearby town. Theo and Siluca run to help and soon discover that a salamander has materialised in this world and is burning everything in sight.

Aishela draws the monster away while Siluca creates giant ball of water. The salamander sees it and tries to fight back, but it’s too late as she engulfs it in water. However, the result is an explosion that she had not counted on. Siluca is able to save the priestess who is healing the wounded but has no time to save herself. Luckily, Theo made it to her in time.

Part of Siluca’s plan for Theo was to have his area recognized as an independent state by the ruling king, but he has no desire to give up lands and immediately goes to war with Theo. Siluca has contacted the other free lords for help, but it’s the villagers that were attacked by the salamander that come to their aid first. As the battle turns in Theo’s favour, the other lords arrive and put an end to the king’s reign.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 3 Theo protecting Siluca

What did you think?

I mentioned in the last episode that the political things were moving a little fast. Well, that continues to be true. On one hand, it’s probably a good thing as the sooner we get to the main conflict the better. As much as I’d like to see all the moves and tactics employed in Siluca’s plan, I also really want to find out more about the chaos. Monsters randomly appearing across the nation is something I am here for.

Another thing that I was quite happy with was the battle. It was fairly violent and bloody which is what I would expect from hundreds of people running at one another with spears and swords. After the first couple of episodes, I was worried that we were heading into Reincarnated as a Slime territory where Theo was just going to make friends with literally everybody.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 3 Aishela

What have you learnt?

I am enjoying Siluca’s character. It’s clear that she has lots of plans and while she has revealed some of them to Theo, I can’t help but think she’s got more tricks up her sleeve. In a way, she reminds me of Clare from Gleipnir with all of her plotting and secrets. These types of characters are a lot more enjoyable than the sort to lose all agency once a male character is involved. That said, I do want to see Theo step up a little more and maybe even disagree with her on something. There’s still plenty of reasons to be optimistic for this series, so that’s a good thing. Plus there’s Aishela.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 3 Siluca negotiating with the Alliance

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