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Marrine made her first steps towards war by attacking Lord Murado. He had asked Villar to aid him, but Villar refused to go against Alexis’s decision to press for peace. Displeased with Villar, Milza goes to watch the battle.

What happened?

Villar told Lord Murado that he should submit to the Alliance if he wanted to survive. After the event of the Union meeting, it would look like Villar was having a temper tantrum if he were to do anything after Alexis had decided that they would pursue peace with the Alliance. Marrine, however, had no intentions of allowing that and attacked Murado.

However, the location of Murado’s castle and the presence of Milza, who had lost interest in Villar after his weak display at the meeting and since. He was like a demon, carving up the Waldren Knights. After a war council, Marrine’s mage suggested that they create a miasma using chaos energy that would engulf the castle. With the soldiers incapacitated, they would easily win.

It went against the Lord’s code, but Marrine cared not. She is willing to do anything to win the war and unit the crests. While the battle goes on, she has her maidens approach Milza to arrange a meeting. He agrees, but she is to come alone.

She met with him and was surprised to see that he intended to become her sword, switching sides. He was worried about her love for Alexis, and although she told him it was no more, he needed something to cement the deal. She must sleep with him! Marrine agreed but told him that he would not have her beyond that one time.

Meanwhile, Theo took Siluca on a mission to gather troops. It started to rain heavily and they were stranded in an old hollowed-out tree. That was where Theo attempted to tell Siluca how he felt for her, although she needed to hear it clearly. He told her he loved her and they kissed.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 9 Siluca and Theo kiss

What did you think?

The episode started off showing us how much of pinch Villar now finds himself in. He said it in the last episode and it’s come to be. He couldn’t lead a war against Marrine, who is his family, and had to sit back and allow Alexis to pursue peace. That meant he couldn’t take up arms for fear of looking like a spoilt child. That was the final thing to drive Milza away. He is only interested in strength. We’ve seen that with how he views Theo and their different approaches to conflict.

Marrine has shown just how far she’s willing to go to ensure that she wins the war, even submitting to Milza for one night. However, I’ve read some comments on this episode and everyone is pilling on Marrine for her actions and why she didn’t just marry Alexis to unit the crests. Well, it would appear that most have missed the point where she feared for his life after what happened to their fathers. That’s why she walked away from him at the wedding, that’s why she will never agree to peace. It would mean his death and probably hers too.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 9 Marrine Kriesche

What have you learnt?

This was very much an episode of two halves. The first culminated in the kiss. Siluca and Theo have been moving closer and closer together for a long time now and this seemed like a natural progression, however, the situation seemed a little contrived. It was nice but too obvious.

Now, Marrine is walking down a path where she finding that she has to keep making decisions that she probably doesn’t want to, but sees it as the ultimate way to achieve her goals. It was a dark and disturbing moment and completely flipped what would have been all about Theo and Siluca’s kiss. That now seems like a distant memory. It’s certainly about to make everything a whole worse for a lot of people.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 9 Marrine Kriesche makes an alliance with Milza Kooches

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  1. It’s hard to believe nobody has commented on this one! Hell, I bitch or yell at the TV while watching some episodes of different shows, but this one is the first in a while that I’ve actually wanted somewhere to go and spew a few written words about it!
    First, the obvious. I still can’t believe she did that! But then again I still can’t believe that the stupid woman didn’t just go ahead and marry this guy that she supposedly loves, even after watching BOTH if their grandfather’s die. Why WOULDN’T you just go ahead and do it, join all the crests and get it over with?!?

    I mean, what’s her end goal? Just to make her dead grandfather’s wish come true? It certainly isn’t too find peace and happiness, because she’s not going to have either at the end by going down this road, just bitterness and unhappiness. (Well ok, we know the story end, but looking at it from this point and time from her perspective…)
    What, so she can say, “oh hi honey! Well I finally won the war, you’re the last one, oh yeah, gimmie your Crest, uuh, sorry we killed most of your troops getting here, the boys got a little anxious to get it done. And umm, sorry about the raping and pillaging going on, last battle and all, kinda hard to stop them throwing a little party, but look on the bright side, you’ll have a bunch of pregnant widows to help repopulate the loss of the soldiers, well their husbands I suppose… Umm… (Shuffling feet) ….I sort of whored myself out, giving this prince my Chastity and virginity so I could score some sea power and a supply route… Yeah… But I didn’t kiss him or enjoy it or anything! Really!! It was just the one time. So like, when are we getting married??”

    Cough cough.

    She should have said, Yeah, In still in love with him, and after I’ve defeated everyone else and his province is last, I’m still going to defeat his army, if they fight us, then take his Crest, then marry him. And I’ll be damned if I go through all of that and for him not to be my first, and get the happy ending I’ve been working so hard for all these years!! You can have at my maids, that will have to do!
    (Cameras on to shocked look on maids faces!;)

    I saw one writer comment that he demanded this of her to prove she would do what it takes and not let her love for s guy in the opposite side sway her actions, but honestly i think that he just wanted to screw her, and the power Trip of banging the leader was just s bonus.

    Really, this episode just pisses me off!!

    Then there’s the main characters and their love. At least the dude says it. But hell, he had to have her basically force him to!! What is it with these Japanese guys being too lame ass to just say I Love You. Hell, half the time the girl says it and the guy either says ‘me too’, it just grunts!! Need these women to start saying “Well if you can’t say it, and be happy while you’re doing it, then in just moving on. See ya, loser!’
    At least they didn’t spend the whole series dancing around it like a couple of middle School kids!

    • Absolutely. It was a crazy decision from almost everything angle, although it certain seemed like she believed there was no other way.

      If someone can summon a demon lord to stop the Grancrest from being created, then they’re not going to sit back and let these two get married.

      Talking of the demon lord, I’m still a little surprised that no one summoned it during the final conflict.

      My biggest issue with this series was that it didn’t have enough time to really lay down the foundations and allow the nuances to develop. It would have been better to see Martine agonizing over the decision, but they seemed to skip a lot of stuff that would have shown it wasn’t an easy decision.

      In this sort of era, it wasn’t uncommon for alliance to be forged for military advantage. I do absolutely agree that there were other options open to her.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s always nice to hear how others react. They definitely did a good job of making the whole scene feel pretty uncomfortable.

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