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Theo and his friends have been transported to the Forest of Eternal Darkness where Dimitrie is determined to stop them and forever end the chance of the Grancrest becoming a reality.

What happened?

Dimitrie attempts to explain his reasoning for wanting the chaos to continue and it boils down to him wanting to live forever. There’s that message about not wanting to give up power again. Anyhow, he’s prepared to fight them and will not back down. Luckily, Emma and Luna’s big brother arrives complete with a coffin with Dimitrie’s real body inside. That’s some fortunate timing.

Anyhow, Aeon rips the heart out of Dimitrie’s body and watches as he turns to ash. However, the apparition that they have been talking to continues to attack, multiplying numerous times. He no longer needs his body. The copies attack relentlessly. It’s almost impossible to keep up and eventually Aishela and Irvin fall, their life force weakened by the copies touch.

The werewolves attack together but are trapped in a ball of copies. The original Dimitrie flies down to the ground and says farewell to Siluca and Theo. Then, the ground turns to water and they sink beneath the surface. Siluca and Theo reach for one another and when they finally make contact, the spirit of Priscilla and the Holy Grail rise up and burn Dimitrie. His hold over them is broken.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 24 Siluca

Aeon attacks again, biting into Dimitrie’s neck. He laughs and pierces Aeon’s back with his claws, draining his life-force. Emma and Luna join in and rip Dimitrie’s arms off. Finally, Theo follows up with a burning strike from his crest-enhanced sword and Dimitrie is no more. Sadly, Aeon died too.

Siluca and Theo return to Emaru and make their way to the Mage Association. There they met the leader and ask him to explain what is going on. He tells them to touch the monolith with the chaos sphere and they will discover the truth for themselves. It turns out that Pandora is a person from the distant past, from a technologically advanced civilisation that grew so powerful that they could destroy the world itself.

To stop that happening, the chaos was released and technology crumbled. If Theo were to unite the Grancrest and bring an end to the Age of Chaos, it would set the world back on that path to destruction. Or that’s what Pandora believed. Theo refused to believe that it was destined and that the people should not be punished for something that may or may not happen in the future. He united the crests to form the Grancrest, relinquished the throne to Alexis and returned to Sistena with Siluca as his wife.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 24 Dimitrie

What did you think?

As with a few episodes, there were a couple of things that were a little out of place. For one, Aeon showing up at the castle in the Forest of Eternal Darkness with Dimitrie’s body at that exact time was a bit of a stretch. They also didn’t make it clear what Theo needed to do to create the Grancrest. Surely, it was just getting all the lords to pledge their crest to him and boom he’d done it, which meant he could have done it a couple of episodes ago…

Those quibbles aside, I really enjoyed the episode and loved the revelation that this world was potentially the distant future. That led some credence to the European feel to a lot of the series and numerous similarities with cultures and civilizations. For example, I’m quite certain that Sistena is Sicily. An island run by a corrupt mafia-like family where they grow grapes and/or olives… There were countless similarities so I liked that there seemed to be more of a reason than just borrowing from real life.

It was also fairly unique for anime in that we had an actual ending and a happy ending at that. As I said, I have really enjoyed this series, despite the pacing and lack of any real chaos. Seriously, where were all the monsters and demons?

Record of Grancrest War Episode 24 Pandora shows Siluca and Theo the past

What have you learnt?

It’s been quite the adventure with quite the cast of characters too. I think there’s a lot of advice that you could take away from Record of Grancrest War, some of it focused on how to do things and some on how not to. At the end of the day, I enjoyed the series and the ending was a nice cap on things. I love a good ending and am a fervent believer in how a good ending can elevate a mediocre story and a bad ending can sour a good story.

It really wasn’t a perfect story by any means. You just have to look back through my previous episode reviews to see my ups and downs, but this is the lasting impression I will have and it will be a good one. It tied up a lot of the different aspects of the story and gave us the happily-ever-after that it was building towards. If nothing else shows like this inspire me to get on with my own story.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 24 Siluca and Theo kiss

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