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Hermes wants to sacrifice a handful of the Xenos to regain Bell’s standing and surprisingly, some agree to help. Bell hurries to the city centre where the Xenos are attacking, but then Gros closes in on Eina. What will he do?

What happened?

So Hermes did in fact plan on some of the Xenos dying. He made it clear that he saw no way for monsters and regular folk to co-exist (despite regular folk being made up a bunch of different races anyhow). His plan was for some to make a scene and be defeated by Bell so that they would restore his honour and standing in Orario. Gros and several others volunteered.

Bell hurried to the square where they were attacking and when Gros made a move to attack Eina, because of the bracelet Hermes gave her, Bell stepped in. Gros tried to force Bell to attack, but Bell being the fool that he is, put away his weapons and stood tall, ready for Gros’ attack. Of course, Gros pulled out at the last second, but then Asterius leapt into action and sought a rematch with the man that dominates his dreams.

Freya’s Familia had been behind the introduction of Asterius and made sure the Loki Familia could not intervene. Bell and Asterius’ fight raged through the streets, calling the people to champion Bell. The fight reached the base of the tower and erupted as the gods and mortals watched on. Asterius threw Bell into the air and then drove him into the tower before throwing him down towards the dungeon. He walked away victorious and demanded a deciding fight at a later date before disappearing down below to join the other Xenos.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 12 Hermes' Plan

What did you think?

I feel like we’ve reached the end of the season and are right back where we were at the beginning of the season. Has anything changed? Hermes is still a rogue who’s plotting stuff in the background, Hestia has Bell’s back, and Bell still likes Ais. This episode pretty much showed off exactly what was so frustrating with this season. Hermes’ plan might as well not even been a thing. It was obvious that he wasn’t on doing a huge switch and killing the Xenos, but thanks to Freya’s plan, his plan was completely redundant.

Literally, no one gained anything from that segment. We learnt that Bell is still a fool and that’s about it. There just seemed to be very little in the way of point to this season other than to say that they’re not ready for change. Also, how is that Bell with his argonaut ability that is supposed to create victory in the most unlikely of situations couldn’t beat a one-armed minotaur that has probably lost a lot of blood by the time their fight began?

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 12 Bell wants to Win

What have you learnt?

I feel like we’ve had one of those it was all a dream endings! There just doesn’t seem to be any relevance to anything that happened. On top of that, they’ve been showing us characters and making a point of focusing on people like Finn and then not following through with anything. Even Dix proved to be a complete waste of time as he was dispatched without much effort.

The final fight between Bell and Asterius was nice to watch, but that didn’t make up for the shortcomings of this season. For me, this is the worst of the three seasons. It’s was still good, but nowhere near the levels of enjoyment that the first season produced.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 12 Bell and Ais

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    • Thanks. It probably didn’t help that I enjoyed the first one so much, but it hasn’t lived I’m to that at all, which is a shame because I enjoy the characters and the world, just not the direction the story has taken.

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