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In order to find out more, Bell and Welf head back to floor nineteen, but to get there they’ll need some help as they can’t leave Weine home alone. Luckily, Bell has someone in mind, but then the bump into someone else.

What happened?

Bell was in the process of asking Ryu Lion to accompany them to the nineteenth floor as Mikoto and Haruhime had to stay behind to watch Weine. Unfortunately, Ryu had a shift and was unable to help, but then Aisha who happened to be passing by offered Bell her help. All she asked in return was that which she had been denied before. This riled up Ryu Lion who said that she would come to make sure that nothing untoward happened as she has hopes for Bell and Syr. Well, at least they had some help…

In the dungeon, Bell and Welf struggled to take on the monsters as normal. Their experience with Weine had affected them. Luckily, Aisha and Ryu were as formidable as you might imagine. Aisha had been focused on retraining herself ever since she lost to a certain someone and it showed. At the eighteenth floor, Lili occupied Ryu and Aisha as Bell and Welf slipped away to investigate. They were approached by another monster that spoke to them, but how would they process this new information?

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 2 Ryu Lion and Aisha

What did you think?

I love that we’re seeing the doubt creeping into Bell and Welf’s minds. It is obviously a direct result of meeting Weine and it’s changed the way they see the monsters. If one could talk, then why not more? I was also delighted to see my two favourite characters in the series make a return and they were every bit as wonderful as before. The tension between Ryu and Aisha made it even more entertaining. I’m not sure how I feel about Evilus and the god that is facilitating Dix (who also has a ridiculous villain name, fitting for Evilus, I guess!) and his plans. I do like that Hermes is investigating him and it’s going to be interesting to see if he gets involved in anything serious.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 2 Bell and Welf are approached by another talking monster

What have you learnt?

People bad! All right, we get it already. Large groups of people will band together and hate that which is different from themselves. The odd thing about this happening in this series is that the people are generally made up of all different fantasy races. Just in the image below, there’s a Bunny-girl. There’s also Elves, Renards, Amazonians, Prums, etc. It seems odd that such a diverse group would attack someone who looked a little different and automatically assume that she tried to hurt the girl rather than save her. I get what they’re saying, but I feel like it could have been done with a little more nuance than the usual angry mob throwing stones.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 2 People's Reaction to Weine

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  1. Yeah, I understood the message too. I didn’t really like the mob mentality scene either, it was kind of unoriginal and kind of makes no sense for them to jump the gun so quickly to assume Wiene is bad just because she’s a monster/ different race. Especially when, like you said, there’s already lots of different species and people in this show. Felt the stone throwing was a bit cliché even though it had a message against racism? I really hope Bell changes everyone’s viewpoints on this issue though. Seems their world is pretty corrupt…

    • Agreed. The message was good just the delivery felt a bit lazy and lacked the impact it should have had.

      I’m sure Bell will change things, although whether it’s a more realistic gradual approach or a everyone is instantly friends sort of approach we’ll have to wait and see.

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