The Promised Neverland (Episode 21) – Daikyuuwa

The Promised Neverland Season Two Title

Emma and Ray confront Norman over what he has done. They’re furious that he would try to take on everything alone, especially when they know that this isn’t what he really wants! But, what does Norman want?

The Promised Neverland (Episode 21) – Daikyuuwa

What happened?

Norman reveals to Emma and Ray that he has been experimented on and probably doesn’t have long left to live. That was why he decided to take the burden of creating a safe place for his family upon himself. That is what led him to try to eradicate all the demons. But, now that Emma has helped him see that, he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

Luckily for Norman, Sonju and the old demon from the temple are running around feeding the degenerated demons their limbs. Both have the evil-blood within them and soon everyone has returned to normal. They even track down Barbara and the others outside of town and discover that they too are having doubts. Only Vincent’s conviction remains, but alone, he will have to stand down.

When they return to the temple, they are met by Thoma and Lannion who tell them that Phil and all the children at Grace Fields are about to be shipped out. They heard it on the radio! This causes a lot of panic and concern. Is it a trap? How will they save everyone? Is the Lambda plan still in operation?

Well, would you believe it? The old demon from the temple, who is a survivor of the first time Mujica shared her blood, once found a human dying in the woods. He took a device from the boy and promised to pass it on. So, here he is passing it on. It fits on the pens and shows the full blueprints for Grace Fields, including the subterranean levels. There’s even a guide on how to save Norman and the other survivors from Lambda.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 9 Emma and Ray convince Norman

What did you think?

From a series that was focused on the children solving their own problems with their intellect and cunning, we now have everything handed to them on a plate with a massive side of contrivance. So, this old demon just happened to have the missing piece to solve all their issues, including the cure to the Lambda sickness… seems a little far-fetched.

Then, there was that scene with the demon queen and James Ratri. From what I gathered, James basically allowed Norman to escape but was also getting in trouble for it, even if it was all part of the plan… Of course, Isabella being rolled in as the new Grandmother was nice, but too little too late. Even she can’t save this series.

I’m also getting incredibly tired of the lack of conviction of pretty much everyone in this series. Emma seems to be the only one sticking to her guns and, as Ray pointed out, she made her mind up without thinking through the situation.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 9 Isabella sets a trap

What have you learned?

I love learning things about storytelling from watching anime. It’s my preferred medium and I can get through more in a shorter period of time. Oftentimes, there’s a lot to learn and digest, and on some occasions, the lessons are much more focused on what not to do. This series of The Promised Neverland falls firmly into the latter.

I’ve not read the manga beyond the first season so I’m not holding the “they left out this scene” position, but I can see that there are a lot of missing pieces. All too often the characters just seem to flop this way and that way as their opinions change in the blink of an eye. Everything about this season has been rushed.

It’s possible that they were determined to finish the story in just eleven episodes, but given how it’s gone, I would have been fine with the ending of season one being the end of it. Sure, it didn’t really finish everything off, but it was a satisfying end all the same. Far more satisfying than having to sit through this season.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 9 Barbara gives up on the killing too

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  1. Ouch. It really hurts if one of your fave series’ sequel season has ruined all the potential to have the same good vibe/feeling you’ve felt watching its first season.

    To be honest, TPN S2 is Cloverworks’ weakest series to air this winter based on what I’m hearing from others who are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the anime.

    It feels weird because I’m catching up with their other works, I see each series’ storyline is consistent and relatable especially Wonder Egg Priority though I’ve to brace myself that I won’t be satisfied with the ending.

    Been hearing some production issues within the anime studio. It’s just a random speculation made by someone from RandomC that if there’s a recap episode, there’ll be unsatisfying ending for my fave series WEP. But I’m determined to catch up to the end while avoiding spoilers on the final few episodes.

    I tried not to believe every word they say based on their questionable deduction from reading the directors or whichever Japanese CV’s Tweets/blog post related to the series they’re working on.

    And yet, (coincidence or not) they made a right guess when Franxx’s much later half has terrible writing and maybe similar to what TPN is going through now.

    Thought should let you know on this possible speculation on why TPN S2 has made drastic changes. There’s a rumor that one of the staff members insisted on leaving an “inappropriate violent scene involving the children doing something only adults would do”. Sounds like a hypocrite if you think about the work that staff member did in S1.

    • If it’s really down to production issues then that makes thing even worse. I’d rather these studios take their time to get it right rather than rush through a bare minimum product.

      It’s worrying that someone can stop something like that in a series where demons are breeding humans and eating children. Who do they think their audience is? Just bonkers!

    • Believe it or not, it’s obvious speculation that they wanna end TPN’s anime adaptation with full closure since TPN’s manga has published its final volume almost a year ago.

      Unfortunately by doing that it means tying all loose ends with convenient solutions & loads of exposition dump that they could’ve opt a satisfying open-ending.

      Sure open-endings leave you wanting more, but there’s another choice to satisfy that kind of feeling; that’s to read the manga/LN where the anime open-ending has landed.

      I rather have satisfying open-endings than witnessing disastrous closure. Still upset with how Tokyo Ghoul turned out to be.

      Oddly enough, the ones with a satisfying open-ending are original works (Akudama Drive, 91 Days, etc.) It’s a very rare case for anime based on manga/LN works to get a complete series with satisfying closure since it’s obvious to know what any production committee are doing.

      They believe renewing seasons cost more than renewing new series; hence, it’s sad any scriptwriter might have been forced by the PC to make a full closure for a critically-acclaimed series.

      This is just a speculation I made up, based on my conversations with veteran users of the manga/LN community on how PCs way of thinking in choosing a series. I won’t be surprised about the truth of them telling the anime staff they must make a full closure just because the manga has been completed some time ago.

  2. I don’t like it, either, when plot threads are too conveniently tied up. I have heard that TV/streaming series will often change writers after the first season’ big-guns writers. If that happened here, maybe that’s why season 2 wasn’t as good as season 1.

    • That’s a possibility, although the rumour is that the author of the source material has decided to change it, making it branch off on its own path.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that a different director is in control too as it’s not just the story that’s gone off. It’s really disappointing as I was excited for this one.

    • Yeah, it’s lost all of the intrigue that made it interesting in the first place. Hard to believe they could screw it up this bad.

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