The Promised Neverland (Volume 1) – Grace Field House

The Promised Neverland Volume 1 Cover

Emma has a wonderful life at Grace Field House. It’s an orphanage, but the kids are happy and well cared for. However, Emma discovers a shocking secret that destroys her perception of things. Now, she needs to escape!

The Promised Neverland (Volume 1) – Grace Field House

What happened?

Their time at Grace Field House is practically perfect. They have plenty of food, clean clothes, a Mother who cares for them, and I.D. numbers on their necks…wait, what? Every day they complete a test which is the equivalent of going to school. Emma, along with Ray and Norman, achieves a perfect score every day. After that, they can play in the vast lands that surround the house. Of course, there are two areas that are off-limits – the gatehouse and the forest beyond the fence.

Today is a special day at Grace Field House as Conny is about to be adopted. She says her goodbyes to everyone and tells Emma that she hopes to become a mother one day. Mixed emotions fill the room as the other children are happy for Conny, but also sad to be losing a friend. Not long after Conny left, Emma found her stuffed bunny. Could they make it to the gatehouse in time to get it back to her? But, they aren’t allowed. No, Conny would be devastated to find she left it behind.

Luckily, Ray said the lights were still on at the gatehouse and Mother wasn’t back so if they ran, they could still make it. Emma and Norman hurried there and found a truck sitting in the gatehouse. There was no sign of Mother or Conny. Emma went to put the bunny in the back and then recoiled with horror. Conny’s lifeless body stared back at her. Then, they heard something coming and hid beneath the truck. Demons! The demons took Conny’s body and placed it in a jar. Then, they told Mother that they would be harvesting the three extra-high-grade ones…

The Promised Neverland Volume 1 Isabella asks Emma and Ray about the gatehouse

What did you think?

I’m still scarred by the second season of the anime of The Promised Neverland. It’s hard to fathom how one of my favourite seasons (season one) could be followed by one of my least favourite seasons. Regardless, I have decided to read the manga in the hopes that it can redeem my thoughts on the series. So far, so good. This volume obviously coincides with the first season which was spectacular and the book is exactly the same. One thing that still surprises me was how soon it was revealed that Mother had an I.D. number on her neck.

I remember that being a source of speculation while watching the anime and we didn’t find out until much later. I think the anime did that better. Either way, this is a fantastically dark story. I’m once more excited to relive this horrific adventure with Emma, Ray, and Norman. However, I’m most excited to see more of Isabella (Mother) as I predicted her story in the anime and seeing it unfold, knowing what happened to her, is incredible. The level of foreshadowing that has going into this story is next level. There are so many hints.

One criticism I have is how the kids know about TVs and similar. How do they have these ideas about the time period and have expectations accordingly? Surely, the farm… I mean Grace Field House is all they know so it shouldn’t even be a thought to them. Sure, the testing equipment is advanced, but there’s no reason for them to expect anything else.

The Promised Neverland Volume 1 Isabella confronts Emma

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