Bastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (Episode 13) – Wavering

Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Title

Arshes Nei and Dark Schneider are locked in mortal combat. Only one can survive, but which will it be? Who has the conviction to go through with it when they are like family to one another?

Bastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (Episode 13) – Wavering

What happened?

It looked like Dark Schneider was finished when Arshes Nei cast Exodus a split second before him. However, he emerged from the rubble, yelling his own name and praising his good looks and virility… Everyone was relieved, however, Gara could tell that Dark Schneider was merely masking his injuries. This fight was turning in Arshes Nei’s favour. She summoned thunder spirits to attack Dark Schneider who then countered with fire spirits. They were both so evenly matched, it seemed impossible to pick a winner.

As she chased Dark Schneider, she recalled her life and how she was abused and ostracised because she was a half-elf. No one wanted her. This new world she would create with Anthracax would make everyone equal. Dark Schneider reminded her how he already created that space for her, allowing her to grow and learn about magic without prejudice. She almost succumbed to his words, but the Blue Nail activated once more, reminding her of her mission.

Arshes Nei told Dark Schneider that her next spell would finish him off, so he had better bring his best. However, Arshes Nei’s resolve was wavering. She didn’t want to kill the man she saw as a father and a lover…(?) So, she held back, hoping that he would kill her and free her from the ugly fate the Blue Nail promised. Dark Schneider saw Lucien for a moment who warned him about what Arshed Nei was going through. He transferred their magic attacks and flew to her. He saw the Blue Nail for himself and swore revenge on Abigail. Then, he ripped out his own heart to save Arshes Nei.

What did you think?

Finally, something a bit metal! Dark Schneider ripping out his own heart to save Arshes Nei was most definitely metal. However, we know that Dark Schneider has lived so long because he is able to reincarnate into a new body. Lucien Rembrandt was the latest one so what’s stopping him from starting in a new body? Absolutely nothing! So, that takes away all of the impact of this action. Like everything with this series, it looks good. It looks like it’s doing what it said it was going to do, but it has failed over and over again to develop any tension. I feel nothing for any of these characters as a result.

I almost fell off my treadmill laughing when Arshes Nei said that Dark Schneider was like a father and a lover to her. Seriously, who writes this sort of thing? I feel sorry for the VAs that have to bring this sort of dialogue to life, and sadly, this series was full of stuff like this. Even if you want to say Dark Schneider was no relation to her, you can’t ignore that he took her in when she was a little girl dragging a stuffed bunny behind her. They may well have lived together for more than a hundred years, but that doesn’t make this right. So, this is the end for me. I’ve finished part one of the first season and I’m putting the rest on hold until I feel like it, and I don’t know when that’ll be. I gave it a fair go, watching thirteen episodes, but it’s steadily gotten worse and worse.

Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Episode 13 Yoko Sheila and Lars stunned

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Series Information

English TitleBastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy
Japanese TitleBastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin
ReleasedSpring 2022
Animation StudiosLIDENFILMS

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