Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Episode 19) – Well-Laid Plans

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The second day of the First-Class Mage exam has begun and Fern’s team already have a Stille. Now, they just need to keep it and all stay alive. Meanwhile, Frieren has a plan to catch a Stille, but it will ruffle some feathers!

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Episode 19) – Well-Laid Plans

What happened?

This is only the third party that Frieren has experienced and it’s shown her that Heiter was right when he said all parties were different. That steamed from when Himmel tried to encourage the party before they fought their first dragon. Surprisingly, Eisen admitted that he was scared. Then, rather than trying to fein false bravery, Himmel confirmed that he was too and was worried that he had now not done his duty as the party leader. Eisen reassured him, saying that he was no longer tense. Still afraid, but not tense! Frieren’s party for the exam were nothing like that party.

However, they had come up with a plan to catch a Stille. It was drastic and would no doubt upset many of the other mages. They realised that the Stille were sensitive to mana so they would stay away from anything imbued with it. And, since they were inside a large barrier, nothing would get in. Not even water. Lawine would freeze the main lake while Kanne would put a tiny amount of mana into each pool of water they found. Then, they would wait beside an untouched pool and use a binding spell from a hunting tribe. Frieren would have to sit completely still, suppressing her mana in its entirety while they waited. The Stille came and was quickly caught by Frieren.

Unfortunately, the spell alerted the other mages to their presence, well, the ones that hadn’t already been killed by monsters and the ones fighting Fern’s group in an attempt to take their Stille. They have to hold out until sunset to keep hold of the Stille.

What did you think?

So, this was a fascinating episode. It’s always nice to see more of Himmel and the others, especially when we’re shown that Himmel isn’t the typical party leader who excels in bravado and bluster, although I think we already knew that. Still, it was good to see him admit that he was afraid and how that surprisingly reassured Eisen. I’m starting to think that I’d like to see a prequel series that follows the original quest because there’s just so much more to see than the glimpses we’ve been shown. Anyhow, back to this episode. It was such a Frieren plan. I’m going to sit here and wait until the Stille comes to us! It helped that they had made it so that their pool was the likely one that it would come to, but it was the perfect plan for Frieren and her immortal patience.

On top of that, I love Fern’s battle analysis. She’s already worked out who the strongest mage is in the group that’s attacking them and can quite easily hold her own using basic defensive and offensive magic. It’s got to be quicker to cast and with Fern’s reaction speeds she will eventually tire her opponent. We saw that with Lugner. It’s just a matter of time. Of course, the real kick is that all of the party has to survive to pass this part of the exam, so it’s not enough that Fern survives, she needs to ensure her entire party does, but then I’ve got a feeling that they will be all right. Even Ubel will be fine fighting against the so-called leader of the other group and his experience fighting the Demon King’s army. Stuff like that doesn’t impress Fern in the slightest.

I can’t wait for some of these mages to realise just how powerful Frieren is. It’s going to be like when an overpowered isekai hero reveals their power levels to the unsuspecting. There are going to be some good reactions in the next epsiode.

Frieren Beyond Journeys End Episode 19 Fern not impressed by Wirbel

Episode highlights

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  1. This author, Kanehito Yamada, loves backstories, and while there still is no ending to Frieren’s quest to reach Ende (The End), we probably will be given the complete story of how the Himmel party took down the Demon King (at least I hope so). Very little has been revealed so far but Frieren said that it took all 4 of them working together.

    • I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. It’s like we’re headed for two epic endings at the same time. Exciting times are ahead of us!

  2. The scene where Frieren is able to just sit there, still and silent, as one of those huge carnivorous birds just comes down to get a drink of water, is going to stay with me for awhile. Now *that* is calm and patience!

    Of course, were I one of the opposing mages, I’d be less likely to try and steal from another group and more likely to humbly ask if Frieren could please wait and try catching a bird for us as well. For which I would ally with her teammates to keep would-be thieves at bay. It might not work, but I’m just more inclined to rely on those of clearly greater skill, and I dislike when people forcibly take from those who worked hard and worked smart.

    • The Mages are being played. The first Mage Exam appears to be a Scavenger Hunt game when in fact it is a survival of the fittest Gladiatorial Game. But there is even a third level. We fans of the story are being played. The first Mage Exam is not a Shonen action story but rather a morality tale as Richter will explain and demonstrate (provided they do not cut his speech). Think Solo Leveling Episode 2! Our cute little Elf story is about to take a walk on the dark side of town.

    • I have been wondering if something was up because it seems like a crazy process to put the mages in a situation where they are likely to kill one another. Sure, you might end up with the best becoming First-Class mages, but what’s to say the ones that failed wouldn’t have gone on to pass at a later date. I was thinking that it’s a way to cull the mages, possibly with the Demon King behind it all. I’m probably crazy, but that seems the most logical thing right now.

    • Yeah, Frieren has her settings on max-chill! But then, she lives that way anyhow.

      I’m also not a fan of the mages who think they can steal and murder to complete the assignment. There’s something about the whole process that isn’t sitting well with me. Why put them in a situation where they are likely to kill one another? A mage that might not make the First-Class this time could do so in three years time when the next exam runs. Seems incredibly short sighted unless that’s the point. I don’t trust this organisation one bit.

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