Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Episode 22) – Future Enemies

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With a couple of days off before the next part of the First-Class mage exam, they can afford to take things easy. Well, that was until Frieren and Stark both slept until the evening, upsetting Fern!

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Episode 22) – Future Enemies

What happened?

Six parties completed the first part of the First-Class mage exam which means there are eighteen mages still in contention. They are given three days to rest and recover before the next part will be announced. One evening later… Stark woke in his bed and instantly knew it was evening. It was a good feeling. Then, an auspicious knock at his door made him question that premise. When he opened it, he found Fern and Frieren standing in the corridor. Fern asked him if he knew what time it was. Then, she continued to scold him for staying up late and drinking juice in the middle of the night. Luckily, Frieren had just woken up too so he wasn’t alone.

Frieren had a plan to get Fern to relax. There was a restaurant that she went to with Himmel the last time she was there. They have the best food in the world. Amazingly, the restaurant was still going, some eighty years after Frieren last visited. She spent all her money buying Fern all the sweets she could eat. Meanwhile, Stark marvelled at his serving of omurice. Frieren already with fork in hand looked lovingly at the pile of meat on her plate. Other mages from the exam showed up and sat down to enjoy the food. Then, Frieren remembered the last time she visited and how Himmel asked the chef to keep the recipes the same as his reward for helping them out. Frieren bit into her food and was disappointed that the recipe had changed. It was better than before.

The next day, Frieren overslept again and forgot to buy groceries. Fern was so mad that she was giving Frieren the silent treatment. She asked Stark to mediate… Who was she kidding? Anyhow, Fern told Stark that she wanted snacks, so they took her out. While out, they ran into Lawine and Kanne. Then, Stark got recruited for a mission with Wirbel. Frieren, Fern, Lawine, and Kanne returned to Frieren’s room and enjoyed some treats. But then a bird appeared at the window carrying a scroll. The next part of the test would involve a dungeon and was being proctored by Sense. No one has ever passed one of Sense’s exams!

What did you think?

It was a much more subdued episode with lots of eating and remembering the past. I never fail to smile when we revisit Himmel, Heiter and Eisen, and this was no exception. Himmel was always thinking about Frieren. He said that he wanted to be remembered and that it is the essence of life, and to do that you just have to change someone’s life in a small way. Well, Himmel succeeded and he did it with an elf who has an unknown lifespan. Convincing the chef to maintain the recipe so that Frieren would be able to eat the same food again was classic Himmel. He really understood the concerns of a longer life.

I also the scene with Wirbel and Stark. As soon as it became clear he was looking for a warrior, I knew their paths would cross. It’s so nice having Stark back too, even if it’s only been a couple of episodes. Ubel is also a fascinating character. I loved how she was able to learn Wirbel’s spell by simply empathising with him. It makes sense that she would want to do the same with Land, too. His ability to clone himself is incredibly useful. And then, there’s Denken who seems to have taken Laufen under his wing. He’s turning out to be a wonderful character. I hope he sticks around for a while.

And finally, when Kanne knelt before Lawine and took her hand, I thought something else was going to happen. Of course, it turned into Lawine sitting on Kanne and pulling her pigtails. I wonder if Sein would have something to say about their relationship… Just date already! I’m already excited for the next part of the exam as they’ve told us know one has ever passed one of Sense’s exams. There’s always a first time!

Frieren Beyond Journeys End Episode 22 Kanne Lawine Fern and Frieren eating sweets

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