The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 5) – Joy to the World

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Adonis decided not to revive Chloe because she was not really welcome with the witches or the humans. Instead, he revived Doroka, but he also brought something else. The humans had placed a tracker in his body!

The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 5) – Joy to the World

What happened?

Ophelia was disappointed that Adonis had revived Doroka and even went so far as to accuse Doroka of planting telling Adonis something that may have influenced him. He revealed that it was his decision to revive Doroka. Seconds later, a strange aura filled the area surrounding the Mito Tree. Adonis revealed that there had been a tracker placed under his skin and the humans had come to get them. The humans appeared in an explosion that set fire to the Mito tree. Without that, there would never be another witch born.

The witches tried to fight back and before long the dome was turned into a bloodbath. The human leader, Yamato focused on Adonis, but he soon found himself on the receiving end as Adonis took the fight to him. Everywhere they turned witches and humans were dying, ripped apart or cut into pieces. Yamato was furious that his little sister had been caught in the crossfire because of the existence of witches. He hoped that she would recover and that they could retire someplace quiet once this was done, but that was premature thinking.

Yamato may have done some damage to Adonis, but Adonis cut off his arm and left him a bloody mess. In a fit of rage, Yamato unleashed his full potential and sliced the battlefield in two. He cut down many witches including Ophelia. He would have gotten Doroka too had she not been saved by Anna. However, Anna was not so lucky. Back on Earth, the humans watched over the battle with remote cameras, but soon they stopped, leaving them blind to the action. Who would win?

What did you think?

I’m not sure how best to describe it but I’m not enjoying this series. However, for whatever reason, I can’t stop watching it. This episode was ridiculous. I understand why Adonis didn’t bring back Chloe. I understand why he brought back Doroka. I’m sure we’ll find out why he let the humans track him at some point in the future, but even then, this was overkill. We learned that the witches escaped from Earth by clinging to satellites. From there, they were able to get to the moon and create the Nation of Witches. It still feels ridiculous that the humans are so hell-bent on destroying all witches. Leave them on the moon. Who cares?

Then, we had the battle between humans and witches and it was nuts. Ophelia must have squashed hundreds of humans in one go but then got cut down by Yamato as he indiscriminately slashed the battlefield with some sort of magical blade. Adonis survived with just his cheek getting cut. He’s going to get a scar if he keeps getting cut in the same place. I feel like the power scales were all wrong here. Why did the humans need that many troops when they seemed to be able to kill witches at will? A lot of the action didn’t make sense and it was constantly broken up by flashbacks of Yamato pining over his sister. The pacing was horrible. That said, I need to see what happens next. This series is truly bizarre!

The Kingdoms of Ruin Episode 5 Ophelia gathers a ball of humans and squashes them

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